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WoW Gold Guide : Blackrock Depths Farming (5000g+ per run)


Blackrock Depths is an insanely huge instance from the Vanilla days of WoW. Back in the day it used to take hours upon hours to complete. But now with a level 80 – 90 character in Mists of Pandaria (5.0.5), you can do a solo run in about 30 minutes. Any class can just stack up as man mobs as you would like and AOE everything down. There are A LOT of mobs in this instance so you will pretty much fill up your bags no matter how much bagspace you have. There are usually quite a few BOE Rare drops and i also have gotten some BOE Epics on my runs through here. One run also gives you 15 + green items that usually go for quite a lot these days and up to 20 stacks of Runecloth. After AOE looting was introduced to the game, this instance goes even faster and you can expect to loot several stacks of Runecloth in one go.

brd gold farming
Gold Farming in Blackrock Depths

The instance is inside Blackrock Mountain within the Burning Steppes. Going through you shouldn’t really encounter any problems. The instance is very open so the first run through might be a bit slower. But once you know where to go it will go a lot faster. Look at the video below to see how i usually run through. Any class should be able to pull massive amounts of mobs at a time without ever going below 95% health, so don’t worry about dying either

This is an example of what i got from one run through BRD:

Vendor Trash + Drops : 50g
16 stacks of Runecloth. 30 g per stack = 480g
7 stacks of Dark Iron Residue. 5 g per stack = 35g
Various misc. items (Potions etc) = 80g
Recipies = 100g
Shards from Disenchanting BOP blues = 300g
Dark iron ore = 100g
Gems = 300g
BOE Epics (Bloodrazor) = 800g
BOE Blues (Vilerend Slicer + Soulkeeper) = 3000g (Soulkeeper goes for a lot due to transmog)
BoE Greens = 2200g

Total : 7445g

Some of these will take a while to sell. But the Runecloth and various other items sell basically at once on my server. 7500g is not bad for 30 minutes of work.

Example of a run through Blackrock Depths:



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