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WoW Gold Guide : Frozen Halls Farming


The Frozen Halls is a series of three instances inside the Icecrown Citadel, they are all connected and you can continue straight through all of them without ever going outside the instances. They are some of the most fun instances from the Wotlk era and the storyline going through them is closely tied in with Arthas and his sword, Frostmourne. It is also a very good place to make some gold, you can run through all of the instances pretty quickly at level 90 and there are quite a few mobs here, especially in the second one “The Pit of Saron”. There are also quite a few cool transmog items that can be acquired here. One run through the Frozen Halls takes about 30 minutes and gave me items worth well over 4000g on my server.

To get to the Frozen Halls, go to the Icecrown Citadel in northern Northrend. From the main entrance of Icecrown citadel, fly up and west a bit. The entrance is one the western part of the citadel. To begin with you can only enter The Forge of Souls and then you will progress through all three zones as you go. I always like to do all of them when i am here to fill my bags up as much as possible.

At level 90, any class should be able to solo all of the Frozen Halls quite easily. Only thing to remember is to not stand in the goo under the Krick and Ick fight in Pit of Saron, as it can do some damage to you.

From one run through all the instances i got :

Vendor Trash (Epics and Blues vendored) : 200g

5 Stacks of Frostweave Cloth : 250g

Misc. Items (Potions, Gems etc) : 200g

15 Greens : 4000 g

Total : 4650g in 30 minutes

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