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WoW Gold Guide : Molten Core Farming


Molten Core is perhaps the most famous and popular amongst the World of Warcraft raids. People still get very nostalgic about the vanilla days and especially Molten Core. So it’s nice to have an excuse to go back, and make some gold at the same time. Any class can solo Molten Core with ease in about 30 minutes. You can pull as much as you would like and just AOE full rooms of mobs very quickly. Don’t worry about any of the bosses at level 90, even Ragnaros is easy to handle. Below level 90 or with poor gear you might want to try to position yourself towards the wall behind Ragnaros to avoid taking to much falling damage when he hits you. Blackrock Mountain is also home to quite a few other instances and the BWL raid zone that you can do while you are here, if you’ve got the bag space.

The main reason for coming here is usually gold but you also get some really cool looking Transmog gear for all classes.

Molten Core is also packed with Ore for mining that can fetch some extra gold while here. Blue and green drops are plentiful here and that’s usually what you’ll be making money from especially if you are on a high populated server with a good economy.

After killing and looting everything, head back to an Auction House and put up your finds. A run through Molten Core can fetch upwards 10000g depending on your luck and server.

This is what I made from a 30 min run through Molten Core:

Greys : 120g

Blues and Epics : 2000g

Greens : 2000g

Misc. (Dark Iron Ore, Fiery Core, Blood of The Mountain Etc): 2500g

Total = 6620g

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