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WoW Gold Guide : Scarlet Halls Farming


The Scarlet Halls is a revamped instance in the Scarlet Monastery, located in the Tirisfall Glades. For gold farming, the Scarlet Monastery used to be better  before the revamp but the instance is quick and easy and there usually is a good amount of gold to be made. At level 90, the normal version of the instance only takes a few minutes if you run through and AOE. There are a good amount of cloth drops here and green item drops that can fetch some gold on the AH. The economy on my server is very healthy so some low level greens go for thousands of gold due to transmoging.

Since the instance only takes about 5 minutes, you can easily do it 5 times in an hour and really fill up your inventory.You can easily make a few thousand gold in an hour here on some servers, or at least accumulate items worth a few thousand gold. Selling it all usually takes some time, so it’s best to switch it up between as many instances as possible to get the biggest variety of items to put on the AH to really make a lot of gold.

From one random run through the Scarlet Halls i got :

Greys and Vendor Trash: 10g
Cloth, misc. and disenchants: 300g
Greens and Blues : 3000g
Total : 3310g

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