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WoW Gold Guide : Stratholme Gold Farming


Stratholme is huge instance in the Eastern Plaguelands in World of Warcraft. Out of all the old vanilla instances, Stratholme is definitely one of the best ones to farm for gold, and as an added bonus you have a chance of getting Deathcharger’s Reins from Lord Aurius Rivendare. The instance is fairly long but shouldn’t take more than 20 – 30 minutes to complete, remember to do both entrances (See map below for both entances).¬† One run through both entrances will most likely fill up your inventory completely so be sure to delete all greys and unnecessary items and disenchant blues if you can to make room for greens / blues / epic / cloth etc. There are so many mobs in Stratholme that one pull can in some cases reward you with several stacks of cloth at once.

Stratholme gold guide
Remember to go through the Service Entrance as well for extra gold.

The instance itself is pretty straight forward, but once you finish up the main part you can go back out and go down to the service entrance for another part of the instance which is almost as big as the first. When you have done both parts, you should have filled up your inventory pretty good with cloth, greens, misc. items and possibly some blues and epics.

Running through both parts of the instance once, i got :

Vendor Trash : 15g

16 Stacks of Mageweave Cloth : 320g

Misc. Items (Potions, food etc) : 100g

Recipes : 100g

Gems and Pearls : 100g

Disenchants : 200g

Greens, Blues and Epics : 8000g

 Total Gold : 8835 G

Keep in mind you won’t have those 8835 G after going through the instance but you would rather have accumulated items worth that much. Prices wary a lot from server to server as well.

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