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WoW Gold Tip : Auction House Monopoly


Everyone that’s into gold making in WoW knows that farming and professions is all good and well, but the big money lies in playing the Auction House. The best thing is doing all three, as having more than one revenue stream is always better. When trying to dominate the auction house it is important to try to have a wide spread of different items up for sale. If you only make money selling for example level 85 – 90 gear, you won’t be maximizing parts of the Auction House you are making money from. If you however have all items of all different level ranges you will be making a lot more. I always try to have weapons and equipment of all tiers, all different kinds of cloth, cloth and herbs, and a bunch of different misc. items up for sale. This way i sell 50 – 200 items a day since i have such a wide spread of items. The way i acquire these items are two by doing two things, farming and buying / reselling.

When it comes to farming, you could only farm Wrath of the Lich King era instances and make good money. However if you farm all the different vanilla instances, some Burning Crusade instances, some Wotlk instances and some Cataclysm instances, you will get a wide variety of items and maximize your revenue. If i were to farm only Wotlk instances i would perhaps sell 4 green pieces of equipment each day, and if i were to farm only these instances i would end up with a bunch of greens that would take ages to sell. If i have greens of every tier though, i would probably sell 30 greens instead because i am selling to a bigger % of the market. So when farming try to get as many different types and tier of items instead of just the same ones.

WoW Gold TiP

When you resell on the auction house you will need an addon like auctioneer that can help you analyze the market and tell you what items are profitable. Having the WoW Gold Tycoon Addon makes dominating the market even easier, since it specifically tells you what items you can buy and sell for a profit and how much you can make of that item. So if you are just using Tycoon, just pick up the items it tell you, then re-list them. This will give you a good amount of items if you have a few thousand gold budget to start with. Another thing i like to do when i learn the economy of a server, is to try to get complete monopoly on an item so i can dictate the price. Take Netherweave Cloth for example, some times the price for a stack is quite low but players leveling their professions will probably pay whatever price it is up for since they have a lot of gold anyways. So if you can afford it, buy all the Netherweave (or any item you think you can earn from) on the auction house. If you manage to always have most of the Netherweave, you will be able to set what ever price you would like unless it is completely insane. I keep a monopoly on a multitude of items on the AH, and make thousands of gold a day this way.

wow tycoon
The WoW Tycoon Interface

Try to learn the market and know your server economy and you will no doubt be raking in the gold.


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