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Zygor’s Guides Mists of Pandaria 5.1 Review


The Zygor’s Guides World of Warcraft leveling guide, is definitely the most updated guide for World of Warcraft. So I’ve been testing in lately in Mists of Pandaria to see how well it’s doing nowadays. It seems like the only guide to come close to Zygor’s is Dugi’s Guides. But since the last time I’ve used Zygor’s Guides, it has become a lot more.

In addition to being a leveling guide, Zygor’s Guides now have professions guides, mount guides, achievement guides, gear guides and dungeon guides. All in game. This has really opened up the game for a lot of players as playing is a lot easier when you don’t have to exit the game anymore to check for info on the internet. You can now find strategies for boss fights and entire dungeons in game, enabling players to play more seamlessly and make fewer mistakes.

Zygors guide review
This is what the main menu of Zygor’s Guides looks like. This is all in game.

In this review I will go over a few of the key features of the Zygor’s Guides and really try out the different parts of the game and the guides.

Zygor’s Leveling Guide

Leveling is the main part of the guides, and it is what most people will be using it for. I’ve been using it since it first came out quite a few years ago, and it has changes a lot since then. I’ve leveled 11 characters to max level with the guide. And just since Mists of Pandaria was released I’ve leveled a Rogue to 90,  two Deathknights  to 80 with RAF and a Warrior and a Mage to 60. Leveling is extremely fast, I usually combine it with PvPing.  The two Deathknights I leveled to level 80 with Recruit a friend (so 3x xp) and level 55 to 80 only took about 8 hours. Leveling 85 – 90 takes about 15 hours (take or give a few hours). Meaning you can level to 90 in a day if you get boosted or got RAF.

I’ve tried out quite a few other WoW guides and written a good few myself but for leveling no one can beat Zygor. After using an in game guide, the ones you get in your browser is just not the same. Clicking out of the window to check your browser is more likely to make leveling slower than faster. And Zygor’s Guides is now so optimized for leveling, it is guaranteed you will level A LOT faster with this guide than without.

The guide will load up in game after you put it in the addon folder. You will be prompted to set up the guide when you enter, this will only take about a minute. You can jump in at any level and start using it right away.  The interface will show you a little description with what you will have to do to move on to the next step and it will update automatically.  The guide will also show a little arrow with where you are supposed to go next, this cut down downtime to almost zero.

zygors leveling guide
This is what the guide looks like while leveling. The arrow shows you where to go.

Zygor’s Professions Guides

Professions are my second favorite part of the Zygor’s Guides. If you like doing professions or are thinking about getting into it, if would definitely check it out because it really makes the professions aspects of the game hassle free. I’ve never really been into Professions since I usually would spend my time leveling, farming and raiding rather than doing professions. With the Zygor’s guides I actually bother doing it as it really is a great money maker and it can be quite fun. I got both my professions on my main to 600 in a few hours using this guide. Like the leveling guide, the professions guide will show you where to get your recipes and materials that you need.

Zygor's profession guide
Much like the leveling guides, the profession guides show you exactly what to do to get your skills up.

Zygor’s Dungeon Guides

This is really one of the features of the guide that will help out a lot of players. Doing dungeon finder groups can be quite intimidating and tempers tend to flare when you make mistakes. Having the strategies for dungeons and boss fights in game will make for a lot less mistakes. And you will always know what to do next in a dungeon or in a fight.

The dungeon guide will show you complete strategies for all bosses.
The dungeon guide will show you complete strategies for all bosses.

Zygor’s Dailies Guides

With a lot of dailies being available in Mists of Pandaria, the dailies guides come as a welcomed added bonus to the Zygor’s Guides. You will be doing these dailies a lot and the reward will be huge as some of the gear is very good. Doing the same dailies every day can get quite boring so having this guide to help doing all the quests as fast as possible is really very useful.

Zygor’s Pets and Mount Guides

Another great feature of the guide is the Mount guides. These guides will show you how to acquire ANY mount in game. And another great feature is that if you click a player on a mount, he or she will have a little icon next to their portrait that you can click and it will show you how to get the mount they are on.

zygor's mount and pet guides
Click the blue cat icon and it will show you how to obtain another players mount.

Other Features:

Loremaster Guides – This will help you with questing and becoming a Loremaster.

Achievement Guides – Guides for all the Achievements in the game.

Event Guides – Complete Guides for every seasonal event in game.

Title Guides – Guides for all available titles in the game.

Reputation Guides – Rep guides that will help grinding rep for any reputation in game.

Gear Guides – Automatically detects your gear and finds upgrades for you.

Macro Guides – Guides on how to set up macros and what macros you should have for your class to help play your class as efficiently as possible.

As you can see the Zygor’s Guides come with a whole slew of features that will be useful for any WoW player. After using it for quite some time, I honestly don’t think I would manage in the game without it. And I haven’t found any guide that will give you as much value for money as the Zygor’s Guide.


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