Day: June 17, 2012

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Everquest 2 : Quick Dungeon Mark Farming Guide

The Dungeon Maker in EQ2 allows players to make custom dungeons that other players can adventure in. You don’t play as yourself however, you choose a avatar that you play as (orcs, goblins, gnolls and all kinds of monsters). These avatars can drop from mobs, be purchased through the marketplace or bought for plat. When you kill mobs in a dungeon maker adventure you accumulate a little bit of XP and dungeons marks. These tokens and the XP are only given to you if you go all the way to the exit, you don’t have to kill all the mobs though. The dungeon marks can be spent in the Marketplace, either for dungeons maker items, equipment, or mystery crates. The items from the mystery crates can be sold to vendors for a good profit. read more

DDO Class Guides / Builds Dungeons and Dragons : Online

DDO : 3 Good Solo / Leveling Class / Build

With DDO there are literary unlimited possibilities when it comes to class, race, feats, skills and builds. It all comes down to preferences and playstyle in the end. But if you are looking for a strong solo / leveling class build for DDO, here are some suggestions:

Warforged Wizard / Sorcerer ( Optionally multiclassed with 1 or 2 Rogue levels)

Going either Wizard or Sorcerer with a Warforged will give you very high survivability mixed with very high DPS. A very good combination for leveling. With the Repair line of spells you can even heal yourself as a Warforged, and when you  get the Wall of Fire spell at level 7wiz / 8 sorc you will be a killing machine, quite literary. read more

DDO Platinum Guides Dungeons and Dragons : Online

DDO Plat Guide : Kobolds’ New Ringleader

The Kobolds’ New Ringleader is a quest offered by guard Jung in the harbor.  After accepting the quest you will enter Bonebites hideout right in the alley next to guard Jung.  The quest is classified as long but it is rather quick, especially if you’re about level two.  Doing the quest on elite will give you the best rewards but any of the difficulty tiers will give you good rewards.

The reason why this quest is good for making money is because there are a lot of chests and most importantly a ton of collectible items that you can sell on the auction house read more