Day: August 3, 2019

WoW Classic

WoW Classic Leveling Guide – Level to 60 Fast

Welcome to MMORPGTIPS’ Classic WoW Leveling guide. Filled with all the tips and tricks you need to level from 1 to 60 in vanilla WoW. No matter if your choice is questing, grinding or running dungeons, we got you covered.

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WoW Classic Leveling Guide Basics

So lets go over the basics for leveling in classic World of Warcraft.

How long does it take to level to level 60 in WoW Classic?

Leveling to level 60 in Vanilla WoW certainly takes a lot of time. Joana set the speed leveling record back in Vanilla at 4 days and 20 hours in-game time. Do not expect to beat that or get anywhere close, even as a veteran player. read more