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Act 1 Gold Farming Spot : Dark Cellar


Act 1 is generally not a very good farming location, but you can get some decent stuff here, especially if you can run it on MP5 – MP10. And there are indeed some decentĀ  Act 1 Gold farming spots, the Dark Cellar being my favorite.

This is a pretty good gold farming spot for Act 1 that you can run pretty quick. First select the Legacy of Cain quest and choose Explore the Cellar. What you will be looking for here is the Dark Cellar and the Dank Cellar in the Old Ruins. Once you get to the Old Ruins you will get a checkpoint so you can quickly leave game and resume right there.

Getting to the cellars only takes a few seconds and there is a huge chance of finding treasure goblins in them. So quickly visit the cellars, check for bosses and treasure goblins. Kill them if they are there, then leave game and come back. It’s a really fast route and you can get tons of gear and gold!

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