Age of Conan Bonus Experience and Offline Levels

Age of Conan has several items and ways that will help you gain bonus XP. If you are looking to level to 80 as fast as possible, getting as many of these as you can will cut down your leveling time tremendously. After you have gotten these bonuses you might want to check out the Age of Conan Unchained Leveling Guide.

XP Potions: Experience potions are available from the item shop. There are 2 different versions:

10% increased XP  gain for 4 hours for 20 points


20% increased XP gain for 4 hours. for 50 points

Aoc xp potions

Ring of Acheron: If you purchased the collectors edition of the game you will have gotten this item for free. If you didn’t you can buy it in the item shop for 1100 points. It provides a slightly increased XP gain.

aoc ring of acheron bonus xp

Hyrkanian Headguard: This is a cloth helmet you can purchase in the item shop for 1500 points. It provides a 10% increase in XP gain

aoc bonus xp guide

Chain Kill Bonus Experience: You gain a 15% then 10% bonus to XP if you kill a series of mobs equal to your level or higher. The mobs have to be killed within 5 seconds of each other. You get 15% increase from the second mob in the second mob in the chain then 10% increase after that one.

Veteran Rewards: The veteran system rewards players with a active subscription with points that can be used to buy different items, one of the being XP potions

Offline Levels: If you have a active subscription you will gain a offline level every 4 days that you can spend on characters over level 30. To spend offline levels click the +1 or + All buttons on your character screen with the character you want to spend the point on selected. See how i leveled 14 levels in 20 seconds with offline levels:

Experience Stacking and Cap: Some Xp modifiers stack. Like the ring and helm stacks with potions, but the potions does not stack with each other. There is also a hard cap to XP that you can’t go above.

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