Age of Conan Demonologist Guide 1 – 40

Demonologists are masters of fire and fire based spells. They have some spells that are based on other elements, but most of the primary spells are fire based. They have extremely good DPS, both AOE and single target damage. As well as good DPS, Demo’s have pets that aid them in battle. These pets have some very beneficial buffs and heals. The only downside to the Demo is that they can’t take much damage. so you will most likely die a good couple of times in PvP and PvE before your really know how to handle and play the Demo.

Feats and builds

At level 10 you begin to earn feat points. These feat points can be spent in feat trees that grant class specific specialized skills, plus a general tree that is shared between classes.

Demonologist Trees:

– Havoc

– Conflagration

– General

Pre level 80, the Conflagration tree is the only way to go for leveling. Along with the Demo’s ease of play and a Conflagration spec, leveling your Demo will go very quick.

There’s no specific best leveling spec, so just find the conflag feats you like and get them.

Skills and buffs

Most of your skills will become available as you level, but a some are acquired through feats. Your primary spells beginning will be Fires of Gehenna and Hellfire Stream, these do high damage and has a quick recast. Inferno of Amher is also very useful for fights where AoE attacks are needed. Storm Chains is another important spell, use it to root for harder battles with more mobs than you can take.

Skill points are point that you can distribute as you like on different skills. Spend these on whatever you like but there are a few that are more important than others.

Key Skills:

  • Casting Concentration

  • Run Speed

  • Renew Mana

  • Mana Attractor

Pets are another important Demonologist feature. They don’t do much damage, but the buffs they grant are very useful. The buffs grant you with a health buff, mana buff and mana and health regen.

Another important thing to keep in mind while leveling is food and drink. Food and Drinks can give you beneficial buffs like giving you more mana or mana regen which is very useful.


Levling 1 – 20 will go very quick. Just do all the quests on the starting island (Tortage) and you’ll be level 20 in no time.

After level 20 playing a Khitan character can be advantageous as the Khitan area quests are more in line with the quality of the Tortage quests and the leveling is generally very smooth here, the quests here will take you to around level 40 pretty quickly. Conall’s Valley and Wild Lands of Zelata is also good choices for leveling these levels.

For further tips on leveling check out our Leveling Guide section

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