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Age of Conan Grinding Guide

Welcome to our Age of Conan Grinding Guide. This guide is still a work in progress, if you want a full Age of Conan Leveling guide, see our Leveling Guide section for more guides.

AoE grinding is a fast way of leveling that can be done by certain classes in AoC. In this guide we will go over the various aspects of AoE grinding and where do to it to level up fast in AoC.

Best AoE Classes

There is no best AoE class but classes that AoE grind well are :

Tempest of Set


Herald of Xotli


Priest of Mitra


My personal favorite class for gridning is the PoM and ToS but this all comes down to playstyle, skill and a whole lot of other factors.

In the end choose the class you want to play and that suits your play style. For more information about the classes go here.

Age of Conan Grinding Locations

AoE Grinding Level 1 -20

The first 20 levels are simply impossible to AoE grind. You have to do the quests on Tortage to get off it. Just quest and do it the normal way. If you need more info on this part go here.

AoE Grinding Level 21 – 25

When you arrive in your home city after Tortage there still won’t be much to AoE Grind. You will need a few more levels and some better gear before you can start. You have a couple of choices here.

1) Do quests for levels and gear upgrades. This will go pretty fast. Doing quests in Wild Lands is probably best as the first grinding locations will be there. Try to get the quests for the Maze.

2) This is what i like to do if i don’t have any gold like when i am starting on a new server. Head to a harvesting zone and pick up all the quests. Finish all the available quests and this should give you a couple of levels. Now stay in the Harvesting zone and harvest materials until you have 50-100 of each material, you will get quite a few rares as well. Head to a trader and sell it all, this will make you a good couple of gold and you will have money for gear for many levels to come. If you still aren’t level 25 just do quests.

Level 26 – 29 The Maze (Spider Caverns in Wild Lands of Zelata)

This is one of my favorite early Age of Conan grinding locations. This is an easy solo dungeon to grind. Doing quests is still very efficient so you can combine this with quests in Wild Lands. Are a few quests to do in the Maze as well. There aren’t really big groups of mobs here but you can get 10k + XP in 10 minutes here so a level takes 30 – 40 minutes.

Level 30 – 33+  Nemedian Soldiers Near the Border Ranges entrance in Wild Lands.

Only a short walk from the Maze. This area should take you into your mid 30’s.

More Age of Conan Grinding locations will be added to the guide shortly.

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