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Age of Conan Quick Leveling Guide 1 – 60

This is a leveling guide that has been written using a Dark Templar, But really any class can take advantage from this guide.

Before you start leveling it might be a good idea to check out the Age of Conan Guide to Bonus Experience and Offline Levels , this guide can really speed up your leveling experience.

Level 1 – 20 : Tortage

The first 20 levels should go pretty fast on Tortage, only a few hours start to end. Even Faster with some XP potions.


Level 20 -40 : The Wild Lands, Khopeshef, and Connals Valley

Wild lands is a good place to start at around level 20. Things are places pretty close together, so time spend running around is minimal and leveling is generally fast.

Sanctum of the Burning Souls is a really good instance in the Wild Lands to run through at around level 35-42. There are quite a few quests here and all the bosses drop blue equipment

Next up is Khopeshef,
Like the Wild Lands, the running around here is minimal, so leveling is fast. There are no instances of interest here, so if you want to group up its best to head back to Sanctum of the Burning Souls.

Connals Valley have some good quests, but is generally not as good as the two areas above. There is more running around here and quite a few quests require groups so leveling isn’t quite as fast.

Level 40 – 50 : Noble District/Field of the Dead

The Noble District in Old Tarantia. Also known as the Villas, this area has 4 repeatable quests that have some good rewards. Each Villa has a reset timer of 4 hours so after completing them all you have to wait a bit and do something else. The Villas scale in level so you can do them all the way to level 80.

The Field of the Dead is reached through Conarch Village. This area can easily be combine with leveling in the Villas while waiting for the Villas to Reset.

Level 50 -60 :¬†Eiglophian Mountains and Ymir’s Pass

You can level from 50-60 in EM in not to many hours. Leveling is generally very quick and most of the quests are near to each other so you don’t have to run around much here either.

Ymir’s Pass has a lot of solo quests and leveling here is also very quick.

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