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Age of Conan Rise of the Godslayer: Khitai Guide

Welcome to our Age of Conan Khitai Guide, Made to help you better understand this new area and how everything works here. For lore information on Khitai click here.

Getting to Khitai

Head over and visit the big boss himself King Conan in the castle. Talk to him to get the quest Making Contact.

Once you have done this, travel to the Northern Grasslands and speak to Astreas. Accept the faction quests he gives you.

Pick up any quest in this area as well, and finish them off before doing the quests from Astreas.

Items worth noting are:

  • Marks of Acclaim. Rewards from faction quests. These can be spent on faction merchants in exchange for all types of equipment.
  • Imperial Insignias. Both rewards from quests and dropped from mobs. 1 Imperial Insignia is worth 200 faction points when given to Faction Herald NPC’s (Guys with blue ? above their heads).
  • Esteem Tokens. Can be earned through both quests and drops. These can be traded for Marks of Acclaim or spent on haircuts and body markings.
  • Life Essence. Can also be earned through both quests and drops. These can summon the stone Golem in the Northern Grasslands. In Golem Raids you will need these to summon the golem. When you kill the golem you earn 25 Marks of Accalim, and a quests that earns reputation.
  • Bags. These can be opened for all sorts of items and coins. Even some purple items sometimes.


Khitai has a bunch of factions. These factions are at war with each other so when choosing one you also are at war with the opposing faction.

All the factions have different gear you can earn. Choosing a faction should be based on what equipment you want to earn.

The Northern Grasslands Factions are:

  • Last Legion (Soldiers) – At war with – Scarlet Circle (Mages and Assassins)
  • Shadows of Jade (Rogue) – At war with – Brittle Blade (Assassin and HoX)
  • Hyrkanians (Rangers, Shamans, and Barbarians) – At war with – Wolves of the Steppes (Soldier and Rogues)
  • Yellow Priests of Yun (Healers and Mages) – At war with – Children of Yag-Kosha (Healers)

When you know which faction to go for you can talk to Astreas and do the quests to choose the factions you want by talking to the leaders of the factions.

When you have chosen four factions. You can now start earning reputation by doing quests so that you earn Marks of Acclaim to spend on gear and mounts.

Prioritize doing the storyline quests from the faction leaders as these rewards more reputation and you gain rank faster.

These quests can only be done once but many of the other quests are repeatable. It is also important to do all the repeatables to earn Marks of Acclaim.

As you progress in rank more of the repeatable quests will become available.

Working on all 4 factions at the same time is the most efficient way of going about it since in the beginning there aren’t too many quests to get.

You should work up a quest cycle of specific quests to do to earn Marks of Acclaim as fast as possible.

Start off by doing the ones that are just finishing the quest cooldown, just when you are finished with the last quest in a cycle. As you learn the factions and the area you will quickly find your own cycle.

After a while, you might want to start earning faction points by handing in Imperial Insignias. When you got the good gear you can start doing Dungeons, in between doing faction quests.

A fast way of earning Imperial Insignias is by going to Paikang. Go right to the shelter and click the poster. Delete the quest in your journal until you get the quest Wood by the Riverside.

When you get it, go down to the river. Get 14 boxes and go back and hand in the quest. You will get 6 Imperial Insignias. Repeat the quest as many times as you like / can to earn tons of Insignias.

6 man dungeons are also a good way of earning Imperial Insignias. You earn about 10 -20 per boss.

Do this while doing the faction quests to earn reputation. After a while, earning reputation and rank gets easier.


Trophies (Simple and Rare) can be used to purchase dungeon armor, which is better than the faction armor.

  • Simple Trophy I – Earned by doing Northern Grasslands 6-man dungeons
  • Simple Trophy II – Earned by doing Chosain Province 6-man dungeons
  • Simple Trophy III – Earned by doing Kara Korum 6-man dungeons
  • Rare Trophy – Earned by doing any Khitai dungeon in ‘Godslayer’ mode.

Armor and Equipment

This is probably the most important part of our Khitai guide, as Equipment is largely what the game is about.


Talk to the Faction Armor Merchants of the selected faction to buy armor.

You will need Marks of Acclaim that you can trade for these armor pieces. Most of them are Blue but the boots, and bracers are purple. These are nice pieces of equipment that are just below or on par (some better) with dungeon armor from the original content.

These armor pieces are a good start when starting out doing Khitai Dungeons.


Talk to the  Dungeon armor merchants of the selected faction to buy armor.

Dungeon armor is earned from trading in the Simple Trophies. They are mostly blue but the chest and helm are purple. This armor is good quality and one tier over the Faction armor.


One tier above the Dungeon Armor you get from Trophies is Dungeon armor from dungeon drops. The faction has different blue equipment that might drop from bosses in Khitai Dungeons.

The drops are random, so acquiring this armor usually takes some time and effort.


The best of the Faction armor is the “Purple” Epic equipment sets. These are superior to some raid armor in some cases.

The chest, boots, bracers, and helmet is purchasable and is part of the faction and dungeon armor sets.

The rest is acquired by going through Khitai dungeons in God Slayer mode.

The Chest and Helm can be purchased for 198 Rare Trophies and 25 gold from the Dungeon armor merchant.

The Boots and Bracers can be purchased for 980 Marks of Acclaim and 25 gold from the Faction Armor Merchant at Rank 4.

The leggings drop in the Enigmate of Yag dungeon in Godslayer mode.

The Gloves, shoulders, and belt drop in various Khitai zones in Godslayer mode.


After the Northern Grasslands, there are a bunch of other zones with more factions.


The Chosain Province has two factions that are at war.

The Scholars of Cheng-Ho (Healers) and Tamarin’s Tigers (Soldiers).

Pick the faction you want based on what equipment you want and start doing the quests like in the Grasslands.

In addition, the other factions from the Northern Grasslands have quests that you can get when you reach a high enough rank.


Kara Korum has the hidden faction Jiang Shi. + the factions from the Northern grasslands.

The Jiang Shi doesn’t have armor but accessories instead.


Paikang doesn’t have factions that reward you with equipment. But the Insurrection questline here is a big part of the Khitai storyline and rewards you with a lot of Marks of Acclaim.

To begin the Insurrection questline talk to the NPC to the left of the entrance. It is possible to solo these quests but a group is recommended.

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