Age of Conan Ultimate Leveling Guide 20 – 40

This is the second part of the step by step Age of Conan Leveling guide. Taking you from when you leave Tortage at around level 20 and all the way to level 40.

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Level 20/21/22  Old Tarantia


1)      Start of in Old Tarantia. Aquilonians will already be starting here. Stygians will have to speak to Captain Ptah on the North Dock to go there, and Cimmerians will have to speak to the Wagoneer where you start.


2)      On the docks of Old Tarantia, go to Cordax and get Warn the Mitra Priest


3)      Go down the dock and get The Urchin from Tulio and Finding your Feet from Irriantus


4)      Go west and up the stairs to the Sailor’s Den to trigger Finding your Feet.


5)      Go back up to the city


6) Get Seven Years from Lordana and Melanor’s Star from Trajus.


7) Go left from Trajus to some vines (180 climbing skill)


8) Kill the Ferocious Guard dog.


9) Go down the alley and into Green Man Tavern


10) Speak to Dascus.


11) Speak to Balba and the West Gate.


12) Go a bit further for the quest to trigger.


13) Go out the gate and down the road to Balric and get The Minstrel and the Bandit.


14) Go back to the city


15) Get Shady Deliveries from Mellus.


16) Get Missing Filly from Ostler.


17) Go into the garden from the stair next to Ostler.


18) Get The Bronze Serpent from the Old Man.


19) Get Pieces of Peace from the Spirit


20) Go to the Great Library stairs and get The Scholar’s Pages from Myrina.


21) Get the musicians instruments from beyond the East Gate


22) Go back into the City


23) Go to the stairs at the Mitra Temple to trigger a quest.


24) Go down the alley and into the trading post, then into the second floor. Get The Urchin from Velona.


25) Get The Wrong Kind of Message from Novatus.

26) Speak to Nephtammon, then turn in the quest.


27) Get A needle of Truth from Watchman.


28) Speak to the Guys behind him. ( Faxus is the guilty one)


29) Go to the Trade Post and get the gems and turn them in.


30) In the building beside you, speak to Nestor and get  Skins of the Corrupted.


31) Go and speak to Myrina in the Library


32) Speak to Tulio and get the coin purse.


33) Go out the East Gate and get the Minstrel’s Instruments.


34) Go to the bridge to the Noble District to trigger a quest.


35) Head to the Noble District and get the book for Scholar’s Pages.


36) Go to the docks, get into the water and get a Rusty Knife.


37) Speak to Tulio to turn in The Urchin.


38) Go to Cycaelus and get his quest.


39) Get the saddle from the dead horse. (Next to Trajus)


40) Go to the West Gate


41) Go from the East Gate to Ostler to turn in the quest.


42) Go up the Library Stairs.


43) Go down Ave of Roses. Speak to Denara while you are there.


44) Go to the Noble Bridge.


45) Go down and hand in the quest to Cycaelus



Level 22-23: Khemi


46) Travel to Khemi


47) Click the statue in front of you and get The Bronze Statue..


48) Speak to Samera for  Accept Settling for Half


49) Get Flow of Information from Menupet.


50) Get Spiced Wine from Kalutma.


51) Get Something of a Delicacy from Mayur the Merchant.


52) Get The Honest Man from Tali.


53) Get The Sands of Time from Sinmophtys(wandering).


54) Go down to the southern part of the West Dock.


55) Get Caged Animals from Rahotep


56)  Get the Satiated Serpent from Osithma.


57) Speak to Semerkhem and get the next part and Trouble in the Province.


58) Get The Laughing Man from Bebkatum.


59) Get Message from Khemi from Shuhotep.


60) Speak to Captain Mager for Trouble in the Province


61) Go to the Serpent’s Head Inn


62) Get the Pashtun Horror from the Innkeeper


63) Speak to Alleo for Caged Animals.


64) Go outside


65) Go north a bit to Issa for The Satiated Serpent.


66) Go to the north dock and speak to Tetkafri and accept Satiated Serpent.


67)  Swim west from the dock and speak to the Stygian Guaid for Satiated Serpent.


68) Go back to the dock and turn in Satiated Serpent and Caged Animals.


69) Go turn in Caged Animals to Issa.


70) Speak to Ledemus at the West Dock


71) Go back to Rahotep and turn in Caged Animals


72) Go back to Old Tarantia


73) Turn in Sands of Time in the Mitra Temple


\74) Hand in The Minstrel and the Bandit on your way to the Conarch Village Wagoneer


75) Go to Conarch Village


Level 23: Conarch Village

76) If you are a Cimmerian, turn in Travelling Home to Rhiderch


77) Get Supply and Demand from Conor


78) Go south and get Every Strong Arm from the Conarch Warrior.


79) Set your Wayfarer


80) Get The Wandering DGok from the wandering Guard


81) Speak to the dGok up the path and return to the guard to turn it in..


82) Get The Tanners Stench from Beoric


83) Get The Tanners Request from The Tanner


84) Go north and find a tanning shed.


85) Speak to the Laughing man to get the Laughing man


86) Click the dog cages


87) Go back to the Tanner and turn in the quest.


88) Go down past the Marketplace and speak to Bronwith and get Every Strong Arm.


89) Get Accept Clans at War.


90) Go down to the Refugee Camp and turn in Supply and Demand


91) Get The Downtrodden from Croiss


92) Find the supplies and return to Croiss to turn in the quest. Accept Rotten Molars.


93) While getting the supplies get The Algonquian Bastard  from the Serving Wench as well as getting Shadow Over Acheron from her for The Scholars Pages.



Level 23 – 28 : Conall’s Valley


94) Go into Conall’s Valley.


95) Get The Harrowing Journey from Calleo.


96) Get The Wolf Menace from Cavan.


97) Go a bit down and kill the wolves for The Wolf Menace and The Tanner’s Request.


98) Get back to Cavan and turn in The Wolf Menace and get Helping the Settlement..


99) Go to the Yeti Cave. Kill the Yeti’s and get the saddlebags for The Harrowing Journey.


100) Get The Veteran from the wandering NPC named the Veteran


101)  Get Wayfarer’s Stone from Amunarton. He is also wandering around further down.


102) Go west and down the path to the valley.


103) Hand in Clans at War. In the Chieftains Dwelling there.


104) Hand in Helping the Settlement.


105) Get Kern Wolfeye , Old Man Gormley and The War Totem from Riona


106) Go down to the village on fire and give the Veteran’s Shield to Sian


107) Go over the bridge to the settlement.


108) Get Old Man Gormley from Old Man Gormley a bit to the east.


109)Get Butchering the Weak from Dieric


110) Get Curing the Sick from Elethia


111) Go north a bit and get Hunting for Valoz and the Snowy Beast from Valoz Da Neva.


112) Get War and Commerce from Vajascus at the Inn.


113) Go east and get Binding the Enemy from Kincaid


114) Hand in the items to Adha and Daorgan


115) Go east from the village and kill the Vanir and loot them, also look for herb on the ground.


116) A bit to the east you will find the Totem, destroy it and kill the mobs that spawn.


117) Kill Vanir Lookouts, Raiders and Invaders for Blinding the Enemy


118) Go over the river and kill Wargs for Hunting for Valor


119) Go up the mountain and find the wounder Vanir. Kill the boss


120) Go back to the settlement.


121) Hand in Blinding the Enemy and get The Assault Camp.


122) Hand in quests to Deiric and Elethia and get Deiric’s Resolve.


\123) Hand the cure to Arden


124)  Give the pelts to Valoz and get Blood and Venom.


125) Give the potion to Devlon inside the pub.Get The Source of Pollution.


126) Speak to Braeden in the pub.


127) Speak to Camdyn, to the south from the Pub


128) Get the Burning Scars from Elethia.


129) Go along the river and get the corpses for Pollution.


130) Go to the Vanir camp and get weapons.


131) Go across the bridge in the back of the camp and go up the mountain.


132) Kill spiders for Blood and Venom.


133) Look for Shadeleaf


134) Speak to Kerin Wolfeye her and get Defeating Iceblade and an Impending Attack


135) Get Appetite of the Wolf from Hydallan


136) Get A Special Request from Nahud’r.


137) Go up to the camp with the Vanir Defenders. Kill Arnulf Iceblade and loot him



Cross the bridge near the back of the camp and head up the mountain to the blood spiders.


132) Start killing/looting spiders for Blood and Venom. While you’re going up, discover Mountain Glade, a rez point.


133) Get rations from the Vanir


134) Go back and Hand in Blankets and Bedrolls, Get Invading the Supply camp.


135) Go over the river and into the Hidden Cave. Get the Sharp Blade and The Passing of Blackfrost.


136) Go back to the Entrance of Conall’s Velley


137) Hand in all the quests and get A Beloved Friend.


138) Go to Conarch Village


139) Hand in the quest to Croiss


140) Hand in the pelts to the tanner.


141) Get Gambler’s Gambit from Borcha


142) Go back to Conall’s Valley


143) Speak to Cavan.


144) Go south to the wolf  den


145) Kill the Alpha Wolf for Beloved Friend


146) Go back to Chieftan’s Dwelling and hand in Kern Wolfeyeand The War Totem to Riona.


147) Stop at Gormley and hand in his loot, get The Lurking Horror.


148) Speak to Glendyn


149) Hand in Shadeleaf for The Burning Scars to Elethia.


150) Go a bit north and hand in quests to Valoz, get Supply Routes.


151) Speak to Devlon, get the Vanir Polluters.


152) Speak to Braeden


153)Talk to Camdyn.


154) Go back to Deiric, get Deiric’s Sacrifice.


155) Hand in quest to Kincaid.


157) Get Love of an Outcast from Adha and get her gift


158) Kill polluters in their camp for Master Polluter


159) Go up the path and Kill Vanir guarding the supply camp


160) Get boar meat and entrails from boars


161) Go south and find the Vanir Supply Crates.


162) Slash a keg for the Supply Master to Spawn


163) Go up the hill for Vanir Sentinels and Goe casters for A Special Request and An Impending Attack.


164) Take out Boss Torgvall if you can.


165)  Kill 4 Flametenders,


166) Go up the path to Cascade Falls.


167) Get the quest Brutal Customs from the bloodied spear.


168) Hand in Brutal Custome


169) Turn in the items for A Sharp Blade.


170) Go back to Mountain Glade.


171) Hand in quests to Hydallan and Kern.


172) Go past their camp and you’ll see the stone to place the boar entrails on.


172) Hand in the meat to Hydallan.


173) Go back to Conall’s Valley Entrance.


174) Hand in A Beloved Friend to Calleo.


175) Go to the Cimmerian Settlement,  put Torgvall’s head on a pike


176) Hand in all quests inside and in the settlement.


177) Use Path of Asura  to Conarch Village. Speak to Conor


178) Go to Old Tarantia.


Level 28 : Old Tarantia


179) Speak to Varina for the Aquilonian Bastard.


180) Hand in the Scholar’s Pages to Myrina.


181) Go to the Wild Lands of Zelata.


Level 28-30 : The Wildlands of Zelata


182) Get Foundations of Trust from Dockmaster Antonius and The Fisherman’s Dilemma from Stolos


183) Head over the bridge and get and hand in all quests you see.


184) Go to the Wayfarer of Asura and bind here.


185) Hand in the bandages for Mitra’s Children to Adeonus.


186) Kill and loot corrupted wolves and Darkbeasts and Grol to the east


187) Go to the mirror in the lake and loot it.


188) Get Melis roots and planks of wood


189) Find the Dead Grol on the ground and loot the axe.


190) Go south west.


191) Kill and loot the wolverines.


192) Find the contraband and loot it


193) Go south to the fisherman’s boat.


194) Destroy the boat and get the fishing gear.


195) Go west to Kerkya.


196) Kill the Dark beasts for the Ring.


197) Find the Oaken chest, the Iron-Bound chest (under the water) then head across the bridge to the south.


198) Get Octavia’s dress in the house to the left.


199) Find the children’s toy box.


200) Use Path of Asura


201) Hand in all quests


202) Get  Seeds of Desire from Oris


203)Get  Illuminating the Darkness from  Ignacio


204) Get Treachery and Deception from  Luciano then talk to  Edgio – Docks – Nelia


205) Get The Demon in the Tree from Adeonus then talk to  Maxis – Adeonus – Kaylee


206) Get Kaylee’s Bastard from Derat then talk to Adeonus


207) Get A Refugee’s Tale from  Myrtilos then talk to Cariste – Myrtilos


208)Get  Demicus’ Experiment from Demicus


209)Get The Northern Pass from the  Guard then talk to Myrtilos


210) Speak to Keyx and get the tallow oil.


211) Enter the trap door behind the warehouse.


212) Kill darkbeasts for  What Creeps Beneath. Loot a heart.


213) Light torches outside the city.


214) Hand in quests to Ignacio, get The Huntress.


215) Speak to Millias and Maxus.


216) Get Old Secrets from Keyx.


217) Hand in the Heart to Maxus


218) Do A Vote’s Worth by talking to Millias – Ignacio – Millias – Leoneus – Millias


219) Get Strongarm Tactics from Millias.



220) Go east and down to Dorina and hand in the quests-


221)Kill the wolf boss that spawns near her for Skins of the Corrupted.


222) Go north to the Lynx spawn area.


223) Go further north while killing mobs you need for quests here.


224) Go to the rock to the south a bit and summon the demons


225) Burn down the barn a bit further south


226) Kill Tainted Wolverines to the west.


227) Find Maiden’s Secret on the ground.


228) Kill the Furious Wolverine and loot them


229) Get the rest of Maiden’s Secret to the south.


230) Head south, across the river to the  path, go up it and speak to Zelata for Prove Your Worth, get

Prove Your Worth.


231) Go east down the path towards Corvo


232) Go south to kill Thrasius. Kill all Nemedians and loot for the medals.


233) Kill Octavia kill her and loot the ring.


234) Kill Salaeus


235) Go up by the bridge up the path,


236) Click the body for the ring.


237) Head back to Zelata, hand in Prove Your Worth.


238) Get Witch’s Brew.


239) Use Path of Asura


240) Hand everything in and get all the new quests. (Get all available quests in town.)


241) Get Dark Beast Repellant from Damicus. Go south from the town  Go back and hand it in.


242) Go to Dorina and hand in quest, get The Albino Dark Beast.


243) Go to the dark beast area to the south. Kill the Albino Dark Beast.


244) Poison the water barrels in the Nemerian camps.


245) Go to Zelata and hand in the quests.


246) Use Path of Asura.


247) Hand in the quests to Eidgio at the docks.


248) Go to Old Tarantia.


249) Head to the Avenue of Roses.


250) Get Promise for The Party from Madame Zila


251) Hand in Skins of the Corrupted to Nestor.


252) Get A Queen’s Carapace.


253) Hand in Seven Days to Lordana at the docks.


254) Get The King’s Headache from the Aquilonian Recruiter.


255) Get Fabio’s Predicament from Fabio.


256) Go back to the Wildlands.


257) Speak to Darran for Fabio’s Predicament.


258) Go to Dorina and hand in The Albino Dark Beast.


259) Get quests from Phaedea.


260) Go to the Maze


261) Kill spiders and loot their silk


262) Find Black Cohosh.


263) Find the missing adventurers.


264) Go north to the egg sack area


265) Kill the Boss in the back room and then løot her.


266) Hand in The Last Hero to Phaedra


267) Hand in Sense of Fashion and The Spider Queen’s Lair.


268) Get the New Threat from Governor Myrtilos then go to Sergio and get the next part.


269) Go north and cross the bridges and get The Spirit’s Lament from the weary spirit.


270) Go north to the Outcast Camp


271) Get The Wounded Child and Gift From A Stranger.


272) Use Path of Asura


273) Hand in quests to Adeonus and Pero


274) Get  By Duty Torn from Drusco.


275) Go to Old Tarantia


276) Hand in The Spirit’s Lament and Duty Torn.


277) Hand in quests to Nestor


Level 30-35 : Khemi – Khopshef  – Destiny Quests


278) Get  Phoenix of the South from your trainer In your hometown.


279) Go to Khemi


280) Get The Raided Tomb from Tetafri


281) Talk to Mayur the Merchant and get the last The Party quest


282) Get Something of a Delicacy.


283) Hand in the quest in to Issa. Go back to Tetafri.


284) Speak to Arses.


285) Get some sour wine, go back to Arses.


286) Speak to Sharak if you are a Stygian.


287) Go to the Captain Mager and travel to Khopshef province.


288) Get Where Dead Men Wander and Captain’s Warning from Captain Menes. .


289) Speak to Anata.


290) Get Pools of Darkness from Kayires.


291) Get A Pinch of Salt from Sadeh.


292) Get Fear of the Demon from Rami.


293) Get Terror Beneath Babusur from Betarmes.


294) Get Securing the Caravan Route from Gua.


295) Hand in quest to Mutya, get Salt for Silver.


296) Speak to the Wayfarer to bind.


297) Go to the Babsur Crypts


298) Kill  ghouls as you go through


299) Smash through the wall when you get to it.


300) Get the scroll, get the vial of blood and thenl the Lurker.


301) Hand them in and get Holding Fear at Bay from Kayires.


302) Kill and loot the Man in Black to the North.


303) Climb up the climbing spot to the sacred caverns.


304) Speak to the villager then make your way to the back.


305) Get the first lotus then go back.


306) Go down the left path to main room, then take the tunnel to the left and get the second lotus.


307)Go down to the hall to your right and get the third lotus in the room with the cultists


308) Click the altar 3 times.


309) Go around and kill the Blood Defiler


310) Get the Atlantean artifact behind you on a pedestal


311) Use Path of Asura.


312) Kill and loot the crocs to the north a bit


313) Kill and loot10 bandits further north.


314) Get the valuables.


315) Gead east hand in quest to the Old Man, get A Vision From Set.


316) Go south and turn in the quests.


317) Get Ill Will and Last Meal and Blood and Wine from the dying Bandit to the south.


318) Detour over to the cook, get your cactus and rest of crocs along the way.


319) Go south and get the treasure


320) Do the quests to collect Croc tails, Lillyroots, Lions and Rhino Horns.


321) Turn in the Aamulet to Shabaka.


322) Go to Bubshur, hand in all the quests.


323) Get Torn by Guilt from Kayires.


324) Get Eye for an Eye from Menes.


325) Go to Khemi.


326) Hand in all quests, get Nobles of Tarantia.


327) Return to Khopshef.


328) Get Derketo’s Call from Shapatria.


329) Swim by to Pastun


330) Speak to Semira for Dead Men Wander and Derketo’s Call and get A Plea for Prophecy


331) Go to the building and grab the Soldier’s Journal from the Bubashur boss.


332) Hand it in, and get Ending the Threat.


333) Kill Sektep and loot his head.


334) Cut off Akil-Atsu’s head.


335) Go to town, and hand in the quests. Get The River Pirates from Nivenah.


336) Go give the potion to Amun.


337) Go south along the path and east to Caravanserai.


338) Talk to  Shadur and get A Question of Conscience


339) Talk to Bakr and get Poisoned Arrows


340) Talk to Captain Nut and get Slave Rebellion


341) Go west and kill vultures and make your way towards the Soldiers.


342) Kill soldiers and get the key then free the slaves.


343) Go east and cut down the bodies.


344) Kill the Apothocary and loot the pink salt


345) Go and hand in the quest and get Distant Lands and Heads Will Roll.


346) Do Heads Will Roll, hand it in. Get A Lesson Learned and the Perils of Competition


347) Get Zahir from Desert Raiders


348) Talk to Caravan Master Tamin and get  Yipping Hyenas.


349) Talk to Makalani and get Stygian Superstitions


350) Talk to Bakr and get Exoskeleton


351) Use Path of Asura


352) Hand in A Lesson Learned, Salt for Silver.


353) Hand in quests


354) Go to the ship and kill the Rogue Trader and set the ship on fire for A Lesson Learned.


355) Head south and find Suth for Lost in the Desert, kill vultures and Elder mantis for Exoskeletons.


356) Kill the Boss by Suth for his bone handled knife.


357) Kill the statue for The Forgotten Temple to the south.


358) Find the Beast underwater for Stygian Superstitions.


359) Go east to the Scorpions and kill them for Poisoned Arrows.


360) Go get the caravan supplies for Desert Raiders.


361) Get get Profit and Loss from Ahkbet and Path to Enlightenment from Sahure.


362) Go south a bit and get all the wicker panniers.


363) Go up the path to the bandits, kill them and go towards the sea.


364) Do The River Pirates


365) Go back to Caravanserai.


366) Kill Hyenas for Yipping Hyenas


367) Hand in all quests and get the Spider Queen, Commander Ramartarsi and A Better Smith.


368) Go back to Bubshur.


369) Hand in The Pirate’s Bounty.


370) Get Spider Queen and the Breath from the Breathless on the island to the west.


371) Hand in The Forgotten Temple to Semira.


372) Go back to  Khemi.


373) Hand in Commander Ramartarsi at the Serpent’s Head Inn.


374) Travel back to Old Tarantia.


375) Hand in The Raided Tomb to the Cargomaster.


376) Hand in Nobles of Tarantia to Catus.


377) and Get Flaying Zarathus from Nestor the Taxidermist


378) Hand in The Better Smith to Darius.


Level 36 : Conall’s Valley


379) Travelo to Conarch Village.


380) Hand in Oris’ Overture to Kaen and get A Rare Delicacy.


381) Give  the pink salt to Ryarm.


382) Get the ale promissory note for The Party from the Serving Wench.


383) Get the Gamblers’ Gambit from Borcha


384) Go to Conall’s Valley, and head to the Cimmerian Settlement.


385) Get Hawkeye from Hawkeye.


386) Give the letter to Valoz, Accept the next part of Forgotten Treasure.


387) Speak to the Wayfarer and bind here.


389) Go up to Mountain Glade.


390) Hand in quests and get The Gravesinger and The Ancient Burial Mounds.


391) Go to Cascade Falls.


392) Get Ossian’s Odyssey


393) Go to the Spider Caves. Get the Cimmerian’s Axe from Reinar.


394) Get Restless Spirits and The Gravesinger’s Voice from the Grave Singer.


395) Go into the Spider Caverns.


396) Collect mushrooms.


397) Go through and get the axe on the ground.


398) Go towards the back and loot the bag of gold.


399) Go further back, Kill and loot the Lurking Horror .


400) Get back out, give the axe to Reinar.


401) Head down path and go right to the spiders, kill them and loot the poison sacks.


402) Kill Vanir Desecrators up the path and loot the tomb relics.


403) Head east and loot the feathers for Hawkeye.


404) Go to the Fields of the Dead and get The Sound of Silence from the corpse in rock.


405) Go down and get Roar of the Wild  and Words of the Deep, Go back up to the Cave and hand it in.


406) Go back to Mountain Glade.


407) Turn in all the quests.


408) Use Path of Asura


409) Hand in quests.


410) Go back to Conarch Village


411) Hand in gold to Borcha


412) Hand in Mushrooms to Kaen, get The Gift of Healing.


413) Travel to Old Tarantia


Level  36 – 37 : The Wildlands of Zelata


414) Get The Lost Regiment from Drusco.


415) Hand in The Party.


416) Hand in Oris’ Overture to Oris


417) Get A Matter of Pride from Ignacio.


418) Go into the sewers


419) Go to the back, get the gem. Open the door, head inside and loot the chests.


420) Go back out and hand in the quest to Keyx.


421) Bind at the Wayfarer.


422) Go out of the city to the North.


423) Hand in quest to the Weary Spirit.


Level 37 : The Wildlands of Zelata


424) Hand in quests to Manto and the Outcast camp.


425) Get Dangerous Ambitions from Juverna.


426) Get Tainted Beddings from Septus.


427) Go east and speak to Pelinthus on the ledge


428)Go to the wounded child on the road at the bottom of the cliff.


429) Go back to the outcast camp.


430) Hand in The Wounded Child, get Devil’s Stone.


431) Hand in all the quests and get new ones.


432) Use Path of Asura


433) Get Herbal Vitality from Teltus the Alchemist.


434) Hand in A Matter of Pride to Ignacio.


435) Go down to Zelata, Get The New Threat from Dolonus


436) Speak to Zelata for Restless Spirits.


437) Go to the Borderlands, get Traitorous Dogs from Balthas.


Level 37 : The Borderlands


438) Go north towards the Lost Regiment.


439) Get the Soldiers Reprieve from Vargus.


440)Go and  loot the scroll and kill the darkbeasts.


441) Hand it in to Vargus, get Reconnaissance.


442) Go west and Kill Greven for his ring


443) Go down the main path south


444) Go east down the path, kill and loot Histacus


445) Speak to Artaxm, get Breaking the Spearhead.


446) Go down and free the slaves for Breaking the Spearhead then kill Zarathus and loot him


447) Swim across the lake to the Nemedian Adventurer Boss and kill and loot him.


448) Go back to Vargus and hand in the quest and get A Triumphant Rehand.


449) Once you have 5 mercenary ring, go and turn them in to Balthas. Then go back to the Borderlands.


450) Use Path of Asura.


451) Hand in all the quests and get Fetching Fungi from Teltus the Alchemist


Level 38 : The Wildlands of Zelata


452) Get the Nemedian Incursion from Ignacio.


453) Go below the city. Speak to the wounded guard.


454) Smash the Urns, kill the Blade Master and the Mage for The Nemedian Incursion.


455) Hand in the quest to Ignacio Ignacio.


456) Go to Old Tarantia.


Level 38 : Old Tarantia


457) Hand in quest to Fabio, get Save the Princess.


458) Get Odd Nemedian from Melus


459) Hand in By Duty Torn in the Mitra temple and get the next part


460) Hand in Ossian’s Odyssey and Flaying Zarathus.


461) Go to Khemi


Level 38 – 39 : Khemi – Old Tarantia- Outflow Tunnels


462) Go to Serpent’s Head Inn and hand in the pieces of the map to the Innkeeper.


463) Hand in quest Commander Ramartarsi


464) Go to Old Tarantia


465) Go to the Outflow Tunnels.


466) Find the sarcophagus and click the diary


467) When you find the  Dark hand room, go left.


468) Kill the boss for a map piece.


469) Stay in the Outflow Tunnels and grind until you are level 39 +. The XP here is great.


470) Once you are level 39 go back out.


471) Give the Sarcophagus to the Cargomaster.


472) Hand in the quest to Fabio, get the Cursed Scroll.


473) In the Mitra Temple, hand in Scavengers.


474) Get Myrina to translate the diary.


475) Go to Khemi and then to Khopshef.


Level 39 : Khopshef


476) Go southeast and head down to CaravanSerai and hand in the quests.


477) Go to Ahkbet at the  Pyramid of the Ancients.


478) Hand in Profit and Loss and The Path to Enlightenment.


479) Get All that Remains and hand in A Plea for Prophecy to Iti. Go back and forth a few times, and get Sneaking Suspicions from Iti.


480) Go up and kill the two guards and go past them to complete the quest.


481) Hand in the quest.


482) Get Lord Atum-Khet


483) Enter the Pyramid


484) Get The Dangers of Decadence from Pashi.


485) Kill all the mobs.


486) Get into the pool in the back and kill the boss.


487) Go to the back, head right and go into the first floor. Make your way to the end.


488) Get the Menamon’s body parts. Head right to the room with the torturers.


489) Go into the hall. Go left into the Orange Hallway.


490) Make your way to Shari by going left and speak to him.


491) Go 4 lefts from Shari’s room. Get the key and go back and turn it in to Shari.


492) Go to the second floor

493) Go to the back and speak to the oracle Statue for Emerald Eyes.

494) Go back to the first floor.

495) Kill the Oracle Bosses and loot them.

496) Head back to the oracle statue and hand in the quest.

497) Go outside and hand in all the quests.


Level 40 : Treasury of the Ancients

498) Go to the Treasury of the Ancients.

499) Go to the back to trigger the quest.

500) Kill the statues and loot them.

501)Kill The Queen

502) Loot the darkroot to the right and speak to Thutmekri

503) Go outside and turn in Fascinating Faces to Ziyad.

504) Go back to Bubshur

505) Give the darkroot to Kayires.

 Level 40-41 : The Wildlands of Zelata

506) Use Path of Asura

507) Head south.

508) Go to Zelata and hand in The Cursed Scroll .

509) Throw the powder into the fire.

510) Get Lifting the Curse from Zelata.

511) Go Northeast.

512) Loot the medical supplies and taint blankets for Dangerous Ambitions and Tainted beddings,

513) Go up to the flat rock of Devil’s Pass.

514) Put down the berries and kill and loot the bear

515) Go into the Sanctum of the Burning Souls, click the statue for Lifting the Curse.

516) Use Path of Asura and go to Old Tarantia.

517) Give the scroll to Fabio.

518) Give the Bear’s head to Nestor.

519) Go to the tavern and hand in the head.

520) Go back to the Wildlands and to The Outcast Camp.

521) Hand in all quests.

522) Go back to Old Tarantia.

523) Bind at the wayfarer.

524) Go to Fields of the dead from Conall’s Valley

525) You should now be around level 40 – 41 and should be ready to go to the next part of the guide.

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