Age of Conan Ultimate Leveling Guide 40 – 60

This is the third part of the Ultimate Age of Conan Step by Step Leveling Guide. This part will take you from around level 40 – 60 in Age of Conan.


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Level 41-42 : Fields of the Dead


1) Get Wagon Wreck from Bhaltair, and Crom’s Quest from Mendark.


2) Get the quests from the 2 wanted posters.


3) Destroy the Wagon Wreck to the northwest.


3) Do WANTED! Vanir Training.


4) Hand Wagon Wreck in, and Get The Poisoned Cup.


5) Poison the water barrels


6) Hand them it and get The Messenger.


7) Hand in A Message for Cul and The Messenger.


8) Get The Chieftan’s Vengeance, The Chieftan’s Command,To the Victor Go The Spoils ,The Rescue of Isobail

,Tabbot and the Scouts ,The Music of the Night ,Morne’s Clumsy Hands ,Cure for Lycanthropy


9) Patch up Croags wounds and Get The Threat of the Vanir.


10) Go to the south and locate the Vanir camp


11) Go north and kill Scouts.


12) Go north to the Crazed Vanir Camp.


13) Kill and loot Vanir Diggers, Smash the crates and burn the tents for The Chieftan’s Vengance.


14) Get the quest starter and click it from The Crazed Vanir.


15) Kill Hakon and loot the Battleplan fragment.


16) Go down to the foothills and hand in all the quests,


17) Go to the  crossroads and hand in The Messenger.


18) Use Path of Asura


Level 42-48 : Noble District


19) Get Assault on Tarantia from Cario.


20) Get The Armsman’s Tavern from Amedies.


21) Hand in Report to Captain Falco, Get Death From Above in the Black Dragon Barracks.


22) Go to the Armsman’s Tavern.


23) Get Patterns In Insanity from Watchman Carnifex.


24) Hand in Armsman’s Tavern to Larius.


25) Get Merchant of Khitan and The Little Farmer from Zhu-Khang.


26) Go north up the alley


27) Give gold to Lord Cittinus and then go over the bodies for Patterns of Insanity


28) Get The Slave Girl from Rahim.


29) Speak to Asina, the Astrologer, and Scrofa.


30) Go back to to Officer Carnifex.


31) Destroy the wall behind the bodies.


32) Kill The Tarantian Speaker then speak to the Astrologer.


33) Go to the watchman and Hand in Patterns of Insanity quest


34) Speak to Travius and Get Curse of Travius Blacktounge.


35) Get The Thief from Sarissa.


36) Speak to Juan and hand in Armsman’s Tavern, Get The Chef.


37) Get Obtaining the Noble Arena from Luco the Bouncer.


38) Get In Defense of Beauty from Nathaniel


39) Speak to Aquiulus upstairs.


40) Speak to Luco, go into the arena door.


41) Speak to Aquiulus, Exit and speak to him by the fire.


42) Go into the arena. Speak to the Announcer and tell him you’re ready.


43) Kill all the mobs.


44) Go outside and go right.


45) Kill and loot Ansgar Bloodbanne


46) Go around and speak to Varo and Amophia for Curses of Travis Blacktongue


47) Kill and loot Sharva of Khemi


48) Go North up to the Villas, Kill and loot Lieutenant Darian


49) Go Northwestto the bodyguard at Villa Verde , Get Lady of Villa Verde


50) Enter Villa Verde.


51) The Villas are some of the best XP in the Game. They reset every 5 hours and you should do them as often as possible. They are like your own private soloing instance that rewards you with great XP and loot. They also scale with your level all the way to level 80. So do the Villas every 5 hours from now on.


Level 43 : Villa Verde


52) Kill all the mobs in here. Be careful of the mobs that wanders. When you die you spawn at the entrance so it’s no problem.


53) Go up the stairs and kill the Boss. When you’ve killed everything speak to Lady Verde.


54) Exit and hand in the quest to the Body Guard.


Level 43 : Villa Camillus


55) Enter Villa Camillu


56) Kill all the mobs in here and the boss.


57) Speak to the girl.


58) Go back out again.


Level  43 : Villa Amiel


59) Enter Villa Amiel.


60) Kill everything and go upstairs. Kill the bosses and loot the Recipe of the Boss (Chef)


61) Exit the Villa


Level 43 : Villa Lentulus


62) Enter Villa Lentulus.


63) Kill Everything and work your way up.


64) Kill is Gurges the Nimble then go back down.


65) Zone out after killing every mob. Go to the Armsman’s Tavern.


66) Hand in The Slave Girl to Rahim.


67) Hand in The Thief to Sarissa


68) Hand in The Chef to Juan


69) Hand in In Defense of Beauty to Nathaniel.


70) Get the Love of a Countess from Albiona.


71) Hand it back in to Nathanie, Get the next part.


72) Bind at the wayfarer


Level 44- 45: Noble District


73) Go south and kill Koisian the Unblessed for Love of a Countess


74) Go to the Temple of Mitra, speak to Aurentus and Cunna.


75) Speak to Little Vitana and Get A Relative Risen.


76) Speak to Juna the Cook and Get The Purveyor of Putrescence.


77) Speak to Quatruus for A Relative Risen.


78) Go back to the East Gate.


79) Kill the Undead Mother Vitana for a Relative Risen.


80) Kill the archers on the rooftop for Death from Above.


81) Go up the stairs near the Catacombs to Tremerus for The Odd Nemedian.


82) Go to Black Dragon Barracks and Hand in Death From Above.


83) Get Burning the Barricades.


84) Get the curse from Baltamheb for Curses.


85) Go to the north gate and burn the barricades.


86) Go back to Falco and Hand it in. Get Concealing the Chinks.


87) Go into the infirmary ,get 8 suits of armor.


88) Put them on the dummies in the noble district. Kill prophets and deathsspeakers.


89) Go to Mitra Temple and Hand A Relative Risen to Quattro.


90) Speak to the Archpriest Zygas and accept The Sinister Sepulcher.


91) Go back down to the Barracks and hand in Concealing the Chinks to Falco, Get Cleaning the Streets.


92) Speak to Brother Persus at the infirmary and get Purging the Fallen.


93) Go to the north gate again. Kill all Nemedians as you go.


94) Kill the boss and loot the quest starter. Click it in your inventory to get Tongue of the Raven.


95) Get the Sacred Flame in the mausoleum for Purging the Fallen.


96) Investigate the mausoleum for The Sinister Sepulcher. Kill the 7 Undead and destroy the orb.


97) Kill and loot the Apprentice Necromancer.


98) Travel west, near the Mitra Temple.


99) Head east and slay the 8 Defenders or Slayers for Purge the Fallen.


100) Go south of Falco and light the Funeral Pyre.


101) Go north, hand in quest to Falco and Brother Persus.


102) Get Source of Contagion.


103) Head north and kill Assasins and Raiders for Source of Contagion.


104) Kill the Poisoner north of the Mitra Temple


105) Hand over the poison and the Blood-Inked Parchment to Zyras for Source of Contagion.


106) Get Stygian Knowledge and The Black Skulls.


107) Go to Arkasha north of you wandering near the temple.


108) Kill Svyatos.


109) Go to the Market Area and click the meat, speak to the butcher for Purveyor of Putrescence.


110) Follow the green cloaked man in the center of the market. Kill the Hunter when he spawns


111) Hand it in to Butcher, Get the next part.


112) Go into the Tavern and Hand in the quest to Travis Blacktongue.


113) Kill and loot the quest starter from Rajar Kisbn. Behind the Abandoned Freshwater System.


114) Kill the Stray Dogs for Purveyor of Putrescence.


115) Hand it in to the Butcher.


116) Go back to Mitra Temple and Hand in The Black Skulls.


117) Go to Old Tarantia.


118) Go to the Green Man Tavern, speak to Charad.


119) Travel to Khemi, hand in Stygian Knowledge to Tali, and Get Hunting the Spider.


120) Head over to Serpent’s Head Inn for part two of Hunting the Spider.


121) Go up the stairs. Kill Ankabut, and loot the Letter from Damhain,


122) Go to Khopshef Province.


123) Go down to Caravanserai and Hand in A Better Smith to Bakr.


124) Go south to Purple Lotus Swamp and Get the quest Nakaset Village


125)  Go north to Nakaset Village, Gi to the Cartographer and Hand in Speak to the Cartographer.


126) Go back to Fields of the Dead.


127) On your way there go to Lacheish Plains.


128) Get the petals for the Love of a Countess.


129) Go back to Fields of the Dead.


Level 45-52 : Fields of the Dead


130) Hand in The Little Farmer to the little farmer.


131) Run east, kill Thorain Redfang for The Second Fragment.


132) Kill 15 Vanir for Hunting the Vanir.


133) Get the crates and the moss for Cure for Lycanthropy and To the Victor Go the Spoils.


134) Kill and loot Damhain for Hunting the Spider


135) Go north to the little camp.


136) Get Wanted! Destroying the Vanir,  The Wolves at our Throats, The Wolf Dream and Finding Safe Passage.


137) Go east to the Mound for Isobail I.


138) Head east to the Vanir camp to kill the Vanir for Hunting the Vanir.


139) Continue East across the bridge to trigger Finding Safe Passage


140) Head North and kill Raging Wolverines for Wolves at our throats.


141) Kill and loot 10 dusk wolves for Cure for Lycanthropy.


142) Run West and kill grey wolves


143) Kill and loot the Grey Wolf Alpha.


144) Kill and loot Werewolf Chief for the amulet.


146) Go to Isobail to trigger a quest.


146) Go back to the Foothills.


147) Hand in all the quests.


148) Get The Rescue of Isobail II, The Things that Man Was Not Meant to Know and The Third Fragment.


149) Go east down the path and kill and loot the Nightsspeaker boss.


150) Get The Fourth Fragment.


151) Head north and put the hand under the rock for Things Man Was Not meant to Know.


152) Hand in quests to Quest Camp Stream, Get the Curse of Werewolves


153) Head south and kill 10 for Curse of the Werewolves.


154) Go south and complete For Love of a Countess.


155) Head north and get the Star Metal


156) Hand in Curse of Werewolves, Get Den of Wolves.


157) Go to the Plains Wolves and kill 15 wolfs


158) Go over the bridge to Wolve’s Pass.


159) Kill the lupin hunters for Finding Safe Passage.


160) Head up to Fire Point Lookout.


161) Get Allies of the White Hand from Eacharn.


162) Get the wanted poster quests and do Through the Wolve’s Pass.


163) Get The Wolf Hunt, Greater Prey and The Watcher of the Ways.


164) Speak to Diarmad for the Rescue of Isobail II, Get The Lost Scouts and The Torches of Eiglophian.


165) Go south to the Yugaki Wolves and kill them for Wolf Hunt.


166) Go east and up the road and light the seven torches.


167) If you are not level 47 already grind the WANTED posters here.


Level 47 : Fields of the Dead


168) Go back to Lookout.


169) Hand in Torches of Eiglophian and Wolf Hunt.


170) Go back to Stream Bridge and go up to the camp.


171) Hand in Den of Wolves.


172) Hand in The Little Farmer.


173) Hand in For Love of a Countess.


174) Set  your Path of Asura here


175) Go east and kill Aranea for Hunting the Spider


176) Go to Mitra Temple and hand it in.


177) Kill the virgin above the courtyard. Take his corpse to the tree and bury it.


178) The Bloodrot will appear, pick it and hand it back in at the Mitra Temple.


179) Bring the cure to Brother Persus, give it to the sick man, then hand in the quest.


180) Use Path of Asura. Go to Conarch Village and head to Conall’s Valley.


181) Talk to Borcha and Get his quest.


182) Go to Fields of the Dead and head to Mountain Glade


183) Get Into the Dark Woods from Lachlan.


184) Get Residents of the Haunted Forest from the spirit.


185) Go south and get a quest trigger to find the Haunted forest.


186) Go down to Radi. Get A Curious Encounter.


187) Go to Stream Bridge. Hand in quests, Get Death to Undead, Entourage.


188) Go to the East Fields, Kill Brand Hellhammer


189) Hand in quest the Lookout, Get all the wanted poster quests and The Bearer of Ill Tidings.


190) Go east to Atzel camp do the wanted poster quests and loot the 5 crates.


191) Get the strongbox for The Bearer of Ill Tidings to the south, Kill Vanir for the Wanted quests.


192) Go east, kill Atzels in the camp.


193) Go north to the Werewolves and kill 8 for Greater Prey.


194) Go north across the bridge to the scouts.


195) Hand in quests and Get Captives of the White Hand and Ancient Weapons.


196) Go back to the scouts


197) Destroy the door to the wood cage, then go back to the Lookout.


198) Hand in Captives of the White Hand to Diarmad.


199) Go back to the Foothills, hand in The Forth Fragment.


200) Go to Quest Camp Stream and talk to Kiara, Go south into the Haunted Forest.


200) Kill werewolves and undead for your quest, loot the human bones.


201) Go to Lookout and speak to Diarmad


202) Go back to Deannan, and Get The Honored Dead of Cimmeria.


203) Go to Lachlan and hand in the human parts.


204) Go in a circle around the forest and kill the bosses.


205) Go all around Field of the dead and deliver the amulets.


206) Go back to Stream Bridge, and hand in the quest to Leannan.


207) Get to level 50 by doing Villas, quests or grind. Shouldn’t take long to reach level 50 from here.


208) Use Path of Asura and go to Noble district and hand in quests, Hunting the Spider and Love of a Countess.


209) Speak to your Destiny quest giver and do the destiny quest. The quest will bring you to the Eiglophian Mountains.


Level 50-58 : Eiglophian Mountains


210) Speak to Dalrach for Watcher of the Ways


211) Get A Broken Bloodline from Carrick.


212) Go down to the Village.


213) Hand in A New Recruit, Get Abominable Adversaries.


214) Speak to Niall for the Destiny Quest.


215) Get Wolves and Lambs from Bora.


216) Get quests from all 4 Wanted posters.


217) Get Keeping the Village Safe and The Hunting Lodge from Cian.


218) Speak to Elina for a Broken Bloodline, Get Elina’s Father.


219) Bind at the Wayfarer.


220) Speak to Rogan for Wings of the Raven, Get Path of the Raven.


221) Go east to the Cannibals.


222) Loot a cannibal for its corpse.


223) Go north and to the altar, put the corpse on the altar and kill the boss.


224) Go to the Ice Cave and complete the Destiny Quest.


225) Go back to the village.


226) Hand in Abominable Adversaries to Arlen. Get Invaders from Afar.


227) Go Southwest to the ravens nest and climb it.


228) Kill the beast, place the feathers. Click the raven when it appears.


229) Go to the Pict camp to the north and get logs, Find Arturo in a pot in the middle of the camp.


230) Go between the rocks. Kill the boss at the end and loot the hatchet.


231) Hand in Arturo’s head to Carrick, Get The Blood Furred beast.


232) Kill the mammoth boss to the east. Loot the Sword in the back.


233) Go to Doing village, hand in Keep the Village Safe.


234) Get On the Front Line, speak to Arlen and Get Into the Breach.


235) Get his Flint and Steel behind the huts.


236) Go Northeast to the lookout logs, set fire them on fire.


237) Kill the Picts, Go to the village and hand it in to Arlen.


238) Get the WANTED poster for cannibals again.


239) Go back northeast and find the man under a rock, kill 25 cannibals.


240) Hand in Spreading Confusion to Arlen, go up the mountain to Nianna.


241) Get Lethal Weapons Get Proving Grounds from Fenella


242) Get the new hunting poster.


243) Hand in The Hunting Lodge to Rithrial, Get Screams from the Glacier from Kyna, and Flowers of Snow from Nola.


244) Go up to the Vicious Cannibal camp,


245) Pick 5 white and purple flowers


246) Find the adventurer behind the rock.


247) Go Southeast and speak to the Lost Hunter


248) Get Wolves and Lambs.


249) Go back to the Mountain Lodge.


250) Hand in the flowers to Nola, Get Doing Your Part.


251) Go to the Cannibal Caves.



252) Go to the Cannibal Caves


253) Find the bracelet in here for Elina’s Father, click the orb in the back to start a quest.


254) Kill 16 Cannibals for Doing Your Part.


255) Kill and loot the Cannibal Boss, then free the children.


256) Use Path of Asura .Hand in Elina’s Father, Get A Daughter’s Revenge.


257) Hand in Wolves and Lambs to Bora.


258) Hand in Lethal Weapons to Nianna.


259) Go to Mountain Lodge.


260) Hand in Doing Your Part and The Magic Orb. Get The Hyperborean Messenger


261) Hand in the Magic Orb to Fenella and Get the next part. Hand in Doing Your Part and Get Cannibal Commotion.


262) Complete Cannibal Commotion. Speak to Attadeus inside the outer cave.


263) Head back into the Cannibal Caves and complete A Daughter’s Revenge


264) Consider grinding until about level 55. Some great grinding XP here.


265) Go outside Cannibal Cave and go to Mountain Lodge.


266) Hand in Cannibal Commotion and Convincing the Hunter.


267) Get Swallowing the Pride.


268) Go towards Donig and go up the east mountain path to the Orb and the Gurnakhi camps.


269) Destroy the orb


270) Get the white hands and Gurnahki for all the quests.


271) Go to Mountain Lodge.


272) Hand in Magic Orb to Fennella.


273) Finish off Proving Grounds.


274) Go to the Cannibal Cave.


275) In the back kill Chief Og’Ema and get back out.


276) Hand it in to Mountain Lodge


277) Go to the Mammoths, kill one of each color for Mammoth Skinning


278) Pick up 15 whale oil candles


279) Go south down the path and kill 10 Snow Apes


280) Go south and hand in the candles to Attadeus.


281) Go to Mountain Lodge, hand in Proving Grounds, The Screams from the Glaciers and Mammoth Skinning.


282) Go towards the Cannibal Cave, go down and kill the Crag Apes and loot their hearts for Ante Up.


283) Use Path of Asura


284) Hand in A Daughter’s Revenge and Invaders from Afar, and Magic orb.


285) Go back to the Lodge.


286) Grind or do villas until around level 57 / 58


287) Do Ante Up and Making things Right. Get the dagger from the cave behind the snakes for Making things right.


288) Get the hearts from the apes, summon the snakes.


289) Hand them in, Get Setback from Nera.


290) Go south and get the Iceworm Glands.


291) Go back up to camp and rub the boots


292) Hand it in and Get Enemies no More from Nera.


293) Get Making Things Right from Nera.


294) Go south to the Mammoths, kill one and loot it.


295) Kill an Iceworm and loot it, go back north


296) Get Crom’s Contempt and The Lover’s Ring from Laoric.


297) Kill a cannibal and loot it.


298) Kill the Messenger and loot the letter.


299) Run north, kill and loot 15 Frost Apes in the ruins and get the ring and the foot.


300) Kill vanirs and loot for The Tanners Box.


301) Go back and hand in Enemies no more, Get the next part.


302) Kill the Frost Boss.


303) Switch the boots by the tent, then Hand in the quest.


304) Go to the East Ridge to Delryn and Get Fleeing to Vanaheim and Effective Strategies.


305) Go south to the Vanir camps.


306) Loot the Pelts


307) Go and Hand in The Hyperborean Messenger, and Get The Watchers on the Heights, and Hand it in to Delryn. Go and complete Making Things Right.


308) Kill the frost apes for the WANTED quest.


309) Hand them in.


Level 57-59 : Noble District


310) Go do the Arena solo mob quests and remember to do Villas every 5 hours.


311) Go to the Noble District and get Invading Mercenaries and Crimes of Passion from Aviton in the Market, get Dangerous Challenge from Brother Durio in the Mitra Temple.


312) Speak to Zyras for A Dangerous Challenge.


313) Get Run Away, Far Far Away from Sorina.


314) Bind at the Wayfarer at the Armsman’s Tavern.


Level 58-60 : Eglophian Mountains


315) At around level 58 you can complete Ante Up from Fennella


316) Complete as many quests you can here.


317) Grind or do Villas until level 60.


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