Age of Conan Unchained Leveling Guide 60-80

This is the fourth and last part of the Ultimate Age of Conan Step by Step Leveling Guide. This part should take you from around level 60 to level 80.


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Level 60-65: Thunder River


1) Go to your trainer and get the level 60 Destiny Quest Phoenix of the East.


2) Go to Poitan the to Thunder River


3) Hand in the Destiny quest to Tatius, get next part.


4) Go to the Blood Rite Cave.


5) Kill all the mobs inside.


6) Kill and loo the Collector Boss  for the key.


7) Kill the Boss for the quest and loot the Phoenix of the East


8) Do all the quests in here, then go turn them in.


9) Go to Conall’s Valley then to Lacheish plains and Crom’s Rock.


10) Go to Field of Chiefs.


11) Click Croms Rock


12) Go back to Noble District and go to the King’s Throne Room. Turn it in and get Black Legion Recruit.


13) Talk to Messor and get Dead at His Feet then go to Lupercus in the Fort with the report.


14) Get the first two WANTED poster quests for Boars and Scoundrels


15) Turn in Invading Mercenaries and A Dangerous Challenge to Tiberius.


16) Get  Mercenary Spies then kill Mercenary Spies close to the village.


17) Get  Under False Flag Go to Voteporix and leave place the banner and go back to Tiberius.


18) Get Will to Change from Cornelius. Get the clothing for Cornelius, turn them and get the next part.


19) Head to the Prison Guard Fort, turn in quest to General Lupercus and get  A Steep Cliff, Plans of Mayhem and Water For Soldiers.


20) Head over and hand in water to Marcus  to the east


21) Go back and finish the quests here.


22) In Farmlands you can do a “hidden” quest at Anthea – The Kitten – Grab bowl of Milk


23) Either grind Mercenaries here until Level 64, or do Villas before continuing the quests.


24) Talk to Cornelius and get Silence Him – Find Hirrus in the Occultist camp and kill him, Go back to Cornelius.


25) Talk to  Liviana and get The Monster Within. Go down south to find Aemilia.


26) Talk to Tiberius and get A Gruesome Death. Kill Evodius .Go back to Tiberius, turn in next part to Lupercus.


27) Talk to Thracius , get Attack of the Savages . Help him defend the area.


28) Talk to Thracius , get Heads of the Fallen


29) Talk to Donicus ,get Enslaved and Abused . Is soloable even though it says group.


30) Talk to Sara , get The Memory Remains. Get Sara’s necklace inside the Pict Camps.


31)Talk to Marcus , get Fighting the Pict Leaders – Kill the Pict mini bosses.


32) Do all of the quests here


33) If you aren’t level 65 already, stay here and grind for a while.


34) Talk to Thracius , get Aelfrith’s Camp .


Level 65-71: Atzel’s Approach


35) Talk to Vaskeque and get Worm Holes. Go and destroy worm holes on the glacier.


36)Talk to Vaskeque and get Against the Larvae Matrons. Kill the Matrons on the glacier


37) Talk to Vaskeque – Crawling from the Depths  and do the quest.


38) Get WANTED – Destroying the Troglodyte Menace . Kill the mobs and finish the quest.


39) Talk to Hoture , get Demon Eggs- Get the eggs while doing the other Chill Crawler Quests.


40) Talk to Esperan for Esperan the Zingaran


41) Talk to Esperan . Get War Standard. Get the Atzel standard from the bandit camps then take it to the Troglodyte area.


42) Talk to Esperan , for  Aelfrith’s Camp


43) Talk to Kurtz for The Nemedian Dispatch.


44)Talk to Kurtz and get The Stygians Diary – Kill and loot the Atzel , go back to Kurtz.


45) Click the body by the Chill Crawlers for Traitor, Spy or Fear


46) Talk to Hoture for Shamanistic Remedies – Gather from around Troglodyte glacier.


47) Grind the WANTED posters and Mammoths while doing Villas until around level 71.

Level 71 – 75: Atzel’s Approach


48) Go to the Frozen Waterfall, go north to the Avalanch.


49) Kill the Nithing Retainers spawn for Rogue Trader. Kill Konor when he spawns.


50)Get  Konor’s Ledger for Lamb Becomes a Wolf.


51) Go and kill mobs to get the dragon scale


52) Kill Lookouts WANTED.


53) Kill and loot a commander in a tent.


54) Go north and click the Cymbal of Doom for Kidnapping and Torture.


55) Once done suicide back, turn in quests and run down to Vaskeque, hand in quest, accept Internal Allies.


56) Go past the Barricade, past the waterfall and and up the hill.


57) Kill Watchers for the Bridge of Blood and Death


58) Head up the rock stairs to the cages for The Lost Men. Kill the wardens.


59) Talk to on the top Prosco, speak to him for The Lost Men, get Dead Man’s Ledger and Revenge Served Cold.


60) Give the bandit prisoner the insignia for Internal Allies.


61) Go further up the stairs , then take a left.


62) Sequella is on the top, Kill the boss here.


63) Go back to tge Bridge of Blood and get the trigger for  Bridge of Blood and Death


64) Go to the bottom to the Frozen City and trigger Bloody Ambush.


65) Kill and loot Minions for Bloody Ambush.


66) Kill Atzel Sentries while here for WANTED


67) Go to the stairs to the south to get to Rulvio.


68) Speak to Rulvio for 5th Columnist, get The Giant Killings, The Killing Zone, Feast of Wyrmlings, Proof of Raiders.


69) Go north on the ledge and talk to Oisin to hand in Internal Allies.


70) Go south to Ivoryvale, Kill Troglodytes for WANTED.


71) Get Rage of the Ape God from Neoric.

72) Go to Aelfrith’s Camp.


73) Hand in all quests, get The Lamb becomes a Wolf.


74) Go to Kurtz and hand in quest.


75) Go back to the avalanche and do Lamb Becomes a Wolf, get the ledger is on the ground.


76) Hand in the quests.


77) Go back to Ivoryvale.


78) Get Beastmaster of An-Sug from Neoric


79) Go up to the Cursed Ruins and kill Apes for Rage of the Ape God.


80) Kill the Undead across from here.


81) Turn in Beastmaster of An-Sug and Rage of the Ape God to Neoric


82) Get Revenge of the Ape God. Go up on the platform where the Boss spawn. Wait for the boss to come to you and then kill him.


83) Grind the Wanted posters at Atzels Fortress. Consider doing some Villas.


85) Move on to Keshatta.


Level 72/73/74/75: Kheshatta


86) Go to Khemi, get A Deadly Contract from Tali.


87) Travel to Kheshatta.


88) Get Refuge for Outsiders from Ipex.


89) Get The Last Archive, Trek to Thrymheim and Public Entertainment License from Kayleigh.


90) Get Slayer of Snakes from Nadir in the Village.


91) Hand the letter to Mizra , get Shade Among the Trees, the Mongrel Menace, Prowling the Pack, Patrolling the Wastes, Desert Courier, Heady Kaphil Liquor, Anuket Spring Water, The Spice in the Sand, Hunting the Wastes.


92) Go to the oasis for Anuket Spring Water.


93) Get the WANTED poster quests.


94) Go south to Viltren on the ledge.Get Markers of the Lost Tomb, Trials of Desert Combat,


95) Head west, kill the scorpions for WANTED. Click the red cactus blooms.


96) Go south and kill and loot Crimson Bandits.


97) Go further south and get the First and Fifth Markers and the Dried Oasis Spring.


98) Go southwest and get the Hyena Spring and the Second, Third & Fourth Marker. Kill all the Hyenas for Wanted, and get the Blood pack Leader Boss.

99) Head west to the Caravan.


100) Click the Dune spring, Kill your 18 Cobras, Kill  the Crimson Bandits for WANTED.


101) Go to the Smuggler’s Camp and get the Smuggler’s Spring.


102) Go south and get the Scorpion Spring.


103) Kill the Umbral Pack Leader


104) Go south tp patrol the Upper Flats and Bandit Hills Go into the Crevasse Tunnel.


105) Head to town and turn in all quests.


106) Get the WANTED posters again.


107) Get Mouth of Darkness from Mizra.


108) Go outside the scorpion cave to trigger Mouth of Darkness, kill the bandits and click the marker behind them.


109) Go south to Keshatta City.


110) Head left as you enter Keshatta.


111) Give the scroll to Vesa, get the new quests.

112) Give the scroll to Kaled, get Scorpion Archer Armor and Desert Scorpion Armor.


113) Get The Smokey Pits of Stygia, Blinding the Hills Eyes and Raiders from Hell from Serafis.


114) Get Hunting the Setties from Nefersuktum.


144) Head to the temple area and give the scroll and letter to Tuktopet for A Deadly Contract and Desert Courier


145) Get all the quests from Tuktopet.


146) Go into the Apprentice Room and kill the guards


147) Kill Boss Shimptah for the Murderous Little Acolyte.


148) Go and hand in the quest.


149) Go outside city and go left at the water, up the hil. Kill Almir.


150) Go west to the Sentry and kill it.


151) Go North and kill and loot the Soldiers of Set.


152) Kill the Sentry for Blinding the Hill’s Eyes.


153) Go north and kill and loot the Scorpions.


154) Kill brutes, headhunters and reavers in the  Crimson Camp to complete Raiders from Hell.


155) Go behind the camp in the back of the hill and trigger the Sentry for Blinding the Hills Eyes.


156) Go to the Dead courier beside the hyena boss and get the paper. Go south to the Sentry and kill it.


157) Collect 6 Macrolepis Bushes


158) Kill Ashka’s body guards until Ashka spawns


159) Go west and into the smugglers camp. Move inside and kill the boss the WANTED quest.


160) Head north and kill the Sentry.


161) While here put the Macrolepis bushes on the smoke holes… every time you do this a bunch of minions and a big scorpion will spawn, they do a lot of damage.


162) Go to the oasis and turn in all quests.


163) Get Nightshade Purgative from Viltren.


164) Go to Keshatta.


165) Go east and kill 25 Corrupted hyenas for WANTED.


166) Go down the path southwest and go into a door way with two brutes inside. Kill the Brutes, go through the building.

167) Go to the body in the water, Kill and loot the boss that spawns.


168) Turn in all quests in Keshatta.


169) Get Venomous Reduction from Vesa Nesa.


170) Turn in the Venom to Newal who is inside the Crimson Camp.


171) Go back to to Nesa.


172) Grind some Hyenas until you are about level 75.


Level 75: Keshatta


173) Go do Sealed in the Blood of Set, Blinding the Hills Eyes, Find Hakar-Tep), Hunting the Wastes, Nightshade Purgative and once you are level 75.


175) Use Path of Asura to go to Armsman’s Tavern.


176) Go to King Conan’s Castle. Turn in The Last Archive, hand it in to Aelfrith.


Level 75-76: Atzel’s Approach


177) Hand in the quests to Horture.


178) Get the  Destroyer of Atzel’s WANTED poster


179) Get Trail to the Dragon’s Lair from Kurtz.


180) Head past the Polar bear area and jump to the ruins and go to the big door, trigger the quest. Go hand it in to Kurtz.


181) Go speak to Rulvio for The Last Archive, get the next part.


182) Head west to the Frost Giants, Do The Giant Killings and Trek to Thrymheim.


183) Then go do Feast of Wyrmlings


184) Head up and do The Last Archive now as well as the WANTED posters for Apes and Undead.


185) Grind for a bit while doing Villas until level 76


Level 76-77-80: Keshatta


For the last leveling bit you can start grouping to start acquiring gear. And mix it up with Wanted quests and Villas + grinding.




WANTED! Death Master Raiders


  • WANTED! Mighty Felines


  • WANTED! Beasts


  • WANTED! Black Ring


  • WANTED! Intruders from Kush


  • WANTED! Traitors to the Selkhetites


The Spice in the Sand  from Mizra


  • Blades of Obsidian


  • Scorpion archer armor.


  • Raiders from Hell from Serafis


Check out the Age of Conan Unchained Leveling Guide for alternatives on where to level. Grouping is by far the best way to level the last few levels as you get good gear as well. Otherwise find a good place to grind and finish the last few levels.


Grats on dinging 80, the fun part starts now!

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