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Alternate Leveling Guide : Collections

Collections is one of the fastest ways of leveling in Everquest 2, because you can complete high level collections at any level after buying them on the broker. To level efficiently with collections your going to need some play, about 20P or more. To learn how to make a lot of plat go to : http://www.eq2.freemmorpgguides.com/category/everquest-2-platinum/ . You should be around level 30-40 at least before starting due to that the quest XP cap might make a lot of XP go to waste if you do it earlier.

When you got enough plat to start leveling, head over to a broker and start looking. Open up the broker and press “Advanced Search” then choose Collectible under “Item Type” and start browsing. Collectibles you don’t have in your collection will show up in white letters while the ones you’ve already added shows up in gray.

Start buying all the collectibles that are showing in white, once you’ve bought every collectible on a page open your inventory, right click on them and click examine and then add in the quest journal that pops up. Go to the next page and rinse and repeat until one of your collections is completed. Before you close the broker window, pay attention to the price on the items on the page you are on before you close it, that way when you come back to the broker you can put that price into “Advanced Search” and you will start looking at the same place where you dropped off, and you won’t have to click through a lot of pages to get back to where you were.

Now with a complete collection, run over to the Collector and turn in your collection. (Keep in mind that low level collections aren’t worth much XP but high level ones can earn you a level or so if you are low level). You should always turn in collections one at a time and never wait until you have several completed. This is due to a maximum XP cap for quests, so a lot of experience can go to waste.

Once you have a lot of collections in your journal that aren’t completed and you are only missing 1 or 2 items to complete it might be a good idea to start searching for specific items instead of browsing through all the pages of collectibles. Open up you journal by pressing “J” and choose Collectible on the top. Now you can mouse over the collectibles you are missing and then do a search to see if it would be affordable to complete the quests. Some collections cost 20-50p or more to complete so i usually skipĀ  all the expensive ones.

Here are some examples of some good high level collections you can start with that aren’t usually expensive:

  • Relics of the Battle of Thurgadin

  • Rime Badges of Rank

  • Tinkered Parts

  • Battle Relics from Kejaan’s Rill

  • Fearstalker Remains

  • Glyphed Relics

  • Hua Mein Bamboo Items

  • Kerran Toys

  • Ning Yun Beads

  • Quel’ule Research Manuals

  • Shadow Marked Items

  • Gnomish Devices

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