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Alternate Leveling Guide : Exploration

There are quite a few different ways of leveling in Everquest 2. This guide will show you how you can attain a lot of levels without even killing a single mob or doing a single quest. Most of the time when you explore a new area in EQ2 you will get both regular and AA experience. It’s not a lot but you can get up to 10% XP if you are in your 20’s for exploring a single area, so if you have a fast mount you can rack up some XP pretty fast by running through zones. If you end up exploring all zones you can gain as much as 30+ levels and tons of AA’s

exploration experience

Things to keep in mind before you start:

Mount – A mount will make this a lot faster. Some type of flying / leaping /gliding mount is ideal but a ground mount also works fine.

Stealth – You should also have stealth to explore the most areas. If your class doesn’t have stealth pick up a Totem of the Great Chameleon, this item will give you stealth for 15 minutes and usually costs less than one gold.

EQ2Map – Download EQ2Map here http://maps.eq2interface.com/ , this addon will add maps to all zones in the game. And also add point of interests to your map so it will show you areas to explore.

When you are in a zone you want to explore press “J” to get your journal up and click on the Achievements tab in the top of the window.  Now click the Exploration tab and find the expansion and zone you wish to explore. Now you will see a list of areas that will give exploration XP. If you haven’t discovered the area yet the letters will show in gray, if you’ve explored the area it will show in green. The areas in these lists are not all the explorable areas in the zones so there are usually a lot more than the ones listed.

exploration xp eq2
This is an example of the Achievements tab. The green letters means you've already explored the area.

Now after installing EQ2Map press “M” to open your map, there will be a lot of little icons cluttering up the map. To make it a little easier to tell what’s what on the map we are gonna filter out all the stuff you won’t need. Right click on the map and click “Filter POI”, uncheck everything except from location and zone. There will still be some location POI’s that won’t really be location but the map will look a lot cleaner now. Mouse over POI’s when running around to see if it might be a explorable area.

exploration map
This is what the map with EQ2Map installed should look like after it's been filtered

Now you can start exploring. If you are low level it can be wise to start out with lower level zones and work your way up. If you want to level fast don’t bother with finding every single explorable area, just run through each zone. When going through zones much higher than you you will probably die a lot, just respawn and go to another zone and come back later. Some of the lower level zones like Antonica, Commonlands and Timorous Deep have few exploration areas and they give little XP so these can be skipped if you want.

Here’s the order i like to do the zones (if done in your 20’s or 30’s you will be atleast level 60 when you finish):

Tip : Atleast zone into every instance and dungeon, to see if there are any exploration areas around the entrance.

1) Antonica + Qeynos and zones around Qeynos.

2)Commonlands + Freeport and zones around Freeport

3) Gorowyn + Timorous Deep

4) New Halas + Frostfang Sea

6) Neriak + Darklight Wood

7) Greater Faydark + Kelethin

8 ) Thundering Steppes

9) Nektulos Forest

10 ) Butcherblock Mountain

11) The Enchanted Lands + Rivervale

12) Zek

13) Everfrost

14) Lavastorm

15) The Feerrott

16)  Sinking Sands + Maj’dul

17) Pillars of Flame

18) Steamfont Mountains

19) Lesser Faydark

20) Isle of Mara

21) Loping Plains

22) Tenebrous Tangle

23) The Barren Sky

24) The Bonemire

25) Kylong Plains

26) Fens of Nathsar

27) Kunzar Jungle

28) Jarsath Wastes

29) Moors of Ykesha

30) Sundered Frontier

31) Stonebrunt Highlands

32) Great Divide

33) Easter Wastes

34) The Withered Lands.

Now after exploring all these zones you should have racked up a bunch of levels and AA’s.

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