Bear Shaman Leveling Guide

The Bear Shaman class in Age of Conan is as the name suggests a typical Shaman class with some melee capabilities as well as some decent heals. Its a well balanced class because of having both good dps and defensive skills, plus some other very neat tricks. The Bear Shaman excel especially well in group situations and in PvP.

For leveling you should stick to mostly offensive skills and spells. Your heals will hopefully be enough to keep you alive so the more offensive power you have the faster you will kill monsters and level up faster.


These are the feats i use for leveling and what level i get them.

10-14 Blood Warrior
15-19 Empower Renewal
20-23 Improved Spirit of the Bear
24-28 Blood Fever
29 Grace of Nature
30 Manifestation: Rabies
30 Rune of Grounding
31-35 Nature’s Wrath
36-40 Animalistic Fury
40-44 Crushed Bones
45-47 Crushed Organs
48-50 Improved Grizzled Hide
50 Rupture
51-53 Poisoned Hide
54 Ursine Rush
55 Battle Roar
56-58 Ursine Roar
59-60 Weight of the World
60-62 Stone Hide
63-65 Rampage
66-70 Blood Champion
70-71 Deft Renewal (2 points)
72-76 Claws of Life
77-80 Balance of Nature
80 Deft Renewal

Leveling Advice

Starting out you might run into some problems as a Bear Shaman. On Tortage you might have a hard time, the Bear Shaman doesn’t really start to shine before their 20’s, and before that they are pretty underpowered with weak heals. Don’t worry though, in your mid 20’s things will get a lot easier.

Empowered renewal is a skill you should get used to using. It makes the next swing get a bonus to damage. Use Empowered renewal before the last swing in a combo (Shrewd Blow or Crush armor for the most damage). Empowered Renewal can even one shot mobs in some cases.

The Internal Bleed combo is also very powerful. It deals good damage but also a very good DoT that affects multiple targets.

By level 30 you gain some important core and PvP focused feats. Blood Fever is very nice to have and gives you a 20% increased damage buff. Grace of Nature, Rabies and Rune of Grounding is also very helpful, especially in PvP.

Remember that the Bear Shaman is not a tank. Always wait for the tank to get sufficient aggro before jumping into the fray.

Potions and food can be a huge help. Always keep a lot of food and stamina and health potions with you wherever you go. These potions are pretty cheap and will speed up leveling time.

Casting spells do not break combos, so remember to cast spells in between swings.

If you can find a Tempest of Set or a Priest of Mitra to level with, you can level a lot faster. These classes are already awesome at AOE leveling but with you as another healer you will be leveling at light speed.


  • Blood Warrior – Damage buff to your primary heal over time skill.
  • Empowered Renewal – 50% damage increase chance to trigger renewal
  • Improved Spirit of the Bear – Improves your health buff
  • Aspect: Blood Fever – 20% more damage and 22% less healing (Very good for quick leveling as you do a lot more damage)
  • Deft Renewal – 5% evade bonus with 10s duration to your standard group HoT.
  • Grace of Nature – Removes and gives immunity to root.
  • Blood Champion – 10s buff that provides 20% damage with a 2 minute cooldown.
  • Manifestation of Rabies – 30s short range area damage (40s cooldown).
  • Rune of Grounding – 90% spell immunity for 15s,snares you. (Very good vs spellcasters)
  • Manifestation: Regrowth – 30s area HoT with a 60s cooldown.
  • Balance of Nature – Moderate (30% to 40%) chance to add a short stamina regen buff to Blood Flow.
  • Claws of Life – ~90 natural regen + a heal proc


  • Nature’s Wrath
  • Animalistic Fury – Increases your overall DPS.
  • Ursine Onslaught – 40% damage increase for  Ursine Brawl combo.
  • Crushed Bones + Crushed Organs – Improves the damage of Internal Bleed
  • Improved Grizzled Hide – Adds 3% invulnerabilities and increases the grizzled hide defense bonus by 30%.
  • Poisoned Hide – ~25% of triggering a small poison DoT when hit by melee.
  • Rupture – Increase damage of one of your primary combos (Crush Armor) by 10% and decreases the cooldown by 1.5s.
  • Battle Roar – 3% damage buff, moderate health buff for entire group. 30s duration, 60s cooldown.  1 second cast.
  • Ursine Roar – 10s debuff that reduces damage by 15%. 40s cooldown. 1s cast.
  • Ursine Rush – A charge. Additional points increase damage
  • Weight of the World – Next 3 attacks do +40% damage and -25% movement snare. 12s duration. 2min cooldown.
  • Stone Hide – Provides a 25% reduction in damage. Instant cast, 15s duration, 90s cooldown.
  • Rampage – Damage Boost and Health regen


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