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Age of Conan Gold Guide with the best and fastest gold guides for AoC! Learn how to make tons of gold quickly so you can buy the best weapons, gear, mounts and anything you would like in AoC! Updated weekly with new guides.

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Age of Conan Gold Guide

General Gold Making Tips:

1) Always loot every mob while leveling if your goal is to gain a lot of gold. In the beginning this will be your primary and maybe only way of attaining gold. Grinding is one of the most efficient ways of gaining gold in Age of Conan so start early.

2) Sell everything you can on the Trader. Most items can be sold to Vendors, but tradeskill items, gear, weapons etc. should be sold on the Trader.


From level 20 you can gather resources in Age of Conan. The nodes you gather from has an chance to drop rares (about 2-3%) These can sell for decent coin. Speak to a trainer in a gathering zone (Poltain, Lacheish Plains and Purple Lotus Swamp) to learn how to gather. read more