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Dungeons & Dragons Online Platinum Guides with the best tips and methods of making tons of plat in DDO. Make enough for any gear you want by using our farming guides to make tons of plat.

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DDO Plat Guide : Kobolds’ New Ringleader

The Kobolds’ New Ringleader is a quest offered by guard Jung in the harbor.  After accepting the quest you will enter Bonebites hideout right in the alley next to guard Jung.  The quest is classified as long but it is rather quick, especially if you’re about level two.  Doing the quest on elite will give you the best rewards but any of the difficulty tiers will give you good rewards.

The reason why this quest is good for making money is because there are a lot of chests and most importantly a ton of collectible items that you can sell on the auction house read more

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DDO : How to Acquire Muckbane Guide

Muckbane is an extremely valuable and useful weapon for players in DDO.  Muckbane is a club that cannot be destroyed when fighting oozes and slimes, this is very useful because normal weapons will be destroyed very easily by oozes and you will be left with no weapon in the middle of a dungeon.  If you have Muckbane you can simply switch over to using that and your weapon won’t be damaged or destroyed.  This can also be used as a platinum guide as Muckbane can fetch up to and probably more than 20,000 Platinum. read more