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Hammer of the Ancients Build Patch 1.08

The Hammer of the Ancients build is one of the most powerful and popular build for Barbarians in patch 1.08. It is a relatively cheap spec and you can get decent gear for this spec for about 500 million gold. The spec relies heavily on Hammer of The Ancients with a good Skorne and high crit chance (80-90% crit). You will be criting constantly with the build. and your crits will be hitting for 1 – 2 million damage every hit.

Hammer of the Ancients Build for 1.08

hammer of the ancients build

This build is all about Hammer of the Ancients so that part is really a no brainer. You will want to go for Smash here. Hammer of the Ancients also has 1% extra crit for every 5 fury. So with around 120 Fury you will get a 24% increase in crit chance! This will get you to a total of 80 – 90% crit chance which is totally awesome. read more

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Witch Doctor Solo MP10 Uber

So you are getting ready to olo Ubers with MP10 in 1.0.8? This guide will show you some info and tips on how to do this.

The skills you will want to use are these :

witch doctor solo mp10 uber

Gargantuan – Bruiser for the 2 second stun, which is really useful.

Firebats – Plaguebats for the Poison Damage. This also works well with Bad Medicine which improves Poison Damage.

Summon Zombie Dogs – Lifelink is also very useful. read more