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Learn how to make millions of gold in Diablo 3 so that you can get the best gear and make real money of the RMAH! Our D3 Gold Guide is updated weekly with new gold guides so that you can dominate Diablo 3.

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Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls – The Miser’s Will Farming Guide

The Miser’s Will is one of the easiest bounties to do in RoS. You can do it with any gear at Torment VI as long as you can outrun the mobs in Westmarch Commons and get into the Miser’s Hovel. The rewards for the quest on Torment VI are pretty good as you get around 20 Million XP and a good chance at some cool loot. The bounty is pretty rare though and it seems to have been nerfed. In my last 20-30 logins I have only seen it active once. If you are farming other Torment VI bounties like Miner’s Gold or Scavenged Scabbard it is well worth it to look for this bounty as well. read more

Diablo 3 Diablo 3 Gold Guides Diablo 3 Legendary Farming Guides Diablo 3 Leveling Guides

Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls – The Jar of Souls & The Matriarchs Bones Farming Guide

Both The Jar of Souls & The Matriarchs Bones are bounties and events located in the Defiled Crypt in Cemetery of the Forsaken. This guide will show you how you can farm the event on Torment VI with any gear. The difference between the event and the bounty is that the bounty also requires you to kill a number of mobs, something that many people will not be able to do on Torment VI. But completing the event only requires you to be able to outrun the mobs in the Defiled Crypt. When the Bounty is active though, the yellow arrow will point you in the direction of the correct Defiled Crypt. If it isn’t active, you will have to guess which one it is. Either the Matriarch’s Bones or the Jar of Souls will be in one of the crypts at any time. The easiest way to find out if you are in the right crypt fast, is to look at the halls and corners. The correct defiled crypt will always only have one way to go until you reach the event. The other crypts have intersections. read more

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Witch Doctor Solo MP10 Uber

So you are getting ready to olo Ubers with MP10 in 1.0.8? This guide will show you some info and tips on how to do this.

The skills you will want to use are these :

witch doctor solo mp10 uber

Gargantuan – Bruiser for the 2 second stun, which is really useful.

Firebats – Plaguebats for the Poison Damage. This also works well with Bad Medicine which improves Poison Damage.

Summon Zombie Dogs – Lifelink is also very useful. read more

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The Underbridge Farming Guide

For this guide we will be farming the Underbridge on Inferno, it’s a great place to find Resplendent Chests and treasure goblins and you can make a ton of gold here. There are also elite mobs here, you can skip these if you want by leading them of somewhere. The chest won’t always be here, but most of the time it is. You are however going to get an elite every time and chests and treasure goblins most of the time.

To get to the Underbridge. Go to act 3 and go to the Rakkis Crossing Waypoint and just blast through to get the checkpoint right before you exit Rakkis Crossing. Right to the left of the checkpoint there may and may not be a door, this is the door to the Underbridge. If it’s not there, leave game after you have gotten the checkpoint and re-enter until the door is there, it’s going to be there about 70% of the time. Go into The Underbridge, it’s a small zone so you’ll find everything you want here quickly. Leave game and rinse and repeat from the checkpoint. There are several places in the zone where the chest can spawn, sometimes you have to look for it for a while. read more

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The Great Span Farming

The Great Span is one of my favorite farming spots in Diablo 3 and i always seem to get loads of good loot here. With high magic find this place is like christmas.

Before you start grinding the Great Span you will want to get as much magic find as you can.  When you are ready to go, head to the Great Span Waypoint on Inferno or whatever difficulty you want to farm.

From the Great Span you will head to the Silver Spire Level 2 and talk to the guy there to get the boss to spawn. Now head back out and get the waypoint to The Crystal Colonnade and Head to Gateway to the Silver Spire and go to The Silver Spire Level 1 where you will find the other boss. The drops from these two bosses are very good and you can make a fortune here in a short amount of time. read more

Diablo 3 Diablo 3 Gold Guides

Act 1 Gold Farming Spot : Dark Cellar

Act 1 is generally not a very good farming location, but you can get some decent stuff here, especially if you can run it on MP5 – MP10. And there are indeed some decent  Act 1 Gold farming spots, the Dark Cellar being my favorite.

This is a pretty good gold farming spot for Act 1 that you can run pretty quick. First select the Legacy of Cain quest and choose Explore the Cellar. What you will be looking for here is the Dark Cellar and the Dank Cellar in the Old Ruins. Once you get to the Old Ruins you will get a checkpoint so you can quickly leave game and resume right there. read more

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Inferno Act 1 Farming for Gold

In this guide we will be showing you good ways to make tons of Diablo 3 gold by farming Act 1 on Inferno. The guide will show you how and where to find the best mobs to farm and the most efficient routes to farm. I farm mostly for the RMAH so this guide will also take that into account.

Before you start you will want to try to cap Magic find and Gold find or at least get it as high as you can while still maintaining DPS.

The route i will be taking will take from 1 – 2 hours and you will fight over 50 champion packs. between 5 – 10 treasure goblins and you will get 100 – 150 rare items (depending on your magic find), 200 – 400k gold, plus a good chance of getting legendaries. I try to pick up most of the stuff i get and just vendor whatever don’t sell on the RMAH. read more

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How to get Leoric’s Signet

Leoric’s Signet is one of the most valuable items in Diablo 3 and can be worth up to 100 million gold. And the crazy thing about it is that you can farm it on Normal! Before you start, get your magic find and movement speed up to as much as you can. Since this is normal, mobs will die super easy anyway so you won’t be relying on gear. So instead get gear that will help you farm quicker and get Leoric’s Signet quicker.

First go to the Black Soulstone quest in Act 2 and go to the Oasis. Make your way around and just slay all the elites. Go into the caves here since there are quite a few elites here as well. Once you have completed your run, just exit and resume and do it again. It will probably take a while to get Leoric’s Signet but once you get it it’s going to be worth it! read more

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The Broken Blade Gold Farming

In this guide we will be farming a the Broken Blade (Act 1, Part 5) on Inferno. Farming this with 300% gold find can make you 10000 – 15000 gold a minute and it’s really rather easy.

To begin select no monster power. Then select the broken Blade quest where you have to talk to Alaric.

Head through the waypoint to the Drowned Temple. Run down and talk to Alaric to open the bridge. Go across the bridge and get the waypoint in the Crypt of the Ancients.

Once you have the waypoint. You can log out to the character select and when you resume you will resume at the Crypt of the Ancients. read more

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Diablo 3 Leveling Guide : Normal Act 3 Azmodan 20k XP

Azmodan is the last boss in act 3 in Diablo 3. Farming him provides great XP and can award you with some nice items and gold. This guide will cover how to farm him on normal for quick XP. The whole quest will give you around 20k XP for less than 5 minutes of work.

1: Choose Part 3 ” Kill Azmodan” of quest 7 “Heart of Sin” on Act 2 and start the game.

2: Go through the waypoint to “The Core of Arreat”

3 : Fight your way north to the “Heart of Sin”, there are usually quite a few mini bosses on the way there. read more