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Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Tips to Gear Your Alts

Got a new alt character with bad gear? This can be sorted pretty quickly. In minutes you can replace all those rares with a complete set of legendaries.

The first thing I like to do when gearing an alt, is to save all my Horadric Caches from my other characters. These are account bound and you can put them in your storage and open them on other characters. Farm bounties and save them for your alt.

After opening your Horadric Caches, it is time to spend some Blood Shards. Blood Shards can be spent by any character on your account. For those slots you didn’t get in the caches, you should try your luck with Blood Shards. Here I personally like to save up 500 by doing Nephalem Rifts on my main, then spending them on my alts. read more

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Witch Doctor Solo MP10 Uber

So you are getting ready to olo Ubers with MP10 in 1.0.8? This guide will show you some info and tips on how to do this.

The skills you will want to use are these :

witch doctor solo mp10 uber

Gargantuan – Bruiser for the 2 second stun, which is really useful.

Firebats – Plaguebats for the Poison Damage. This also works well with Bad Medicine which improves Poison Damage.

Summon Zombie Dogs – Lifelink is also very useful. read more

Diablo 3 Diablo 3 Misc. Guides

How to get the Murlocket Amulet

This Guide will show you how to acquire the Murlocket. The Murlocket Amulet  is a vanity item in Diablo 3 which when you wear it you will summon a litt Murlock pet (From World of Warcraft) that will follow you around. It’s a pretty easy item to get.

To get it you will want to go to the Sewers early in Act 2 on Hell or Inferno. Choose a quest and use the portal to go to the Sewers of Caldeum. The rare mob you are going to kill usually spawns in one of the dead end little parts of the map where you enter. The elite rare is called Moontooth Dreadshark and is usually hidden beneath a pile of rubble. Farming this item usually takes about 1 hour. read more

Diablo 3 Diablo 3 Misc. Guides

Diablo 3 : How to get to Whimseyshire

The secret level of Whimseyshire is a zone in Diablo 3. You get a Feat of Strength + a Banner and a Sigil when you enter Whimseyshire. You also get the Achievement “In The Land of Killers Unicorns” when you go there.

Whimseyshire is a dreamy land filled with bright colors and rainbows and unicorns.

Getting There:

To get to Whimseyshire you will need to get the Staff of Herding. The Staff can be made after you get all the components below:

–          The Black Mushroom from  Level 1 in the Cathedral in Act 1 read more