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Everquest 2 Guide : Deity Guide (Choices for all classes)

Everquest 2 has a large selection of Deities (Gods) to choose from. These deity’s can give you powerful blessings and miracles that can aid you in battle. So choosing the right deity for your class / playstyle is very important. If you chose a deity without knowing anything about them first, you might end up with a deity that has no blessings or miracles can help you out.

Anashti Sul

Classes: Decent Choice for Shadowknights.

Anashti Sul also called Forgotten Goddess, was first banished from Norrath after introducing Undeath to Norrath. However she returned and now considers herself the Goddess of Life and Death. read more

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Everquest 2 : Quick Dungeon Mark Farming Guide

The Dungeon Maker in EQ2 allows players to make custom dungeons that other players can adventure in. You don’t play as yourself however, you choose a avatar that you play as (orcs, goblins, gnolls and all kinds of monsters). These avatars can drop from mobs, be purchased through the marketplace or bought for plat. When you kill mobs in a dungeon maker adventure you accumulate a little bit of XP and dungeons marks. These tokens and the XP are only given to you if you go all the way to the exit, you don’t have to kill all the mobs though. The dungeon marks can be spent in the Marketplace, either for dungeons maker items, equipment, or mystery crates. The items from the mystery crates can be sold to vendors for a good profit. read more