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Everquest 2 Everquest Platinum Guides

How to make Plat on Project 1999

In classic Everquest, making plat was no easy feat. No auction house or any other features you now expect from Mmo’s. Everything is sold through the chat or to vendors.

The first thing you need to know about making plat on the Project 1999 servers is that the East Commonlands tunnel is where it happens. The East Commonlands or EC is a zone right next to North Freeport. Once you zone into EC you will most likely see your chat flood with /auction messsages of people trying to sell their stuff. This is where you want to be when you’ve got loot to sell and leveling here from around 3 – 10 is smart since you can sell your loot in the same zone. read more

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Crypt of Decay Plat Farming

The Ruins of Lxanvom or the Crypt of Decay, is a Planes of Power era zone that can easily be accessed from the Plane of Tranquility. The entrance is in the upper eastern corner of the Plane of Tranquility. You can make a lot of plat here fast, but you should be pretty high level to solo here efficiently. Optimally you want everything to be greyed out so you can blast through the zone and AoE the mobs.  If you have everything greyed out though you can pull MASS amounts of mobs and kill them very fast and hardly take any damage at all. If you don’t have AoE capabilities yourself, be sure to bring a AoE mercenary. read more

Everquest 2 Everquest Platinum Guides

City of Mist Plat Farming Guide

The City of Mist is a dungeon located in the Emerald Jungle on Kunark. It’s a east zone to farm for a lot of plat at level 65 + or so. And it is a great zone for F2P (Free 2 Play) Players as you get a lot of plat and vendor trash here. You can of course make decent plat here while leveling, but if your only goal is to make plat i would suggest that you are high enough level for mobs to be greyed out. 70 or so is optimal. Since it’s a Kunark zone, the mobs here have very low health. At higher levels you can AoE packs of mobs here and make even more plat. read more

Everquest 2 Everquest Platinum Guides

Old Sebilis Farming Guide

Old Sebilis is a great plat farming zone in Everquest. It is one of my definite favorite farming zones. Making plat here is so easy because you make money from plat drops (Approx 1 – 10 Plat per mob), you get vendor trash and you get stuff like defiant gear and tradeskill items that sell on the Bazaar. You can probably start earlier but to farm plat efficiently i would recommend that you are around level 70 or over. This is also a great place for people with free to play accounts to farm gold as you get big plat drops and vendor trash. The named mobs here can also have some good valuable items. read more

Everquest 2 Everquest Platinum Guides

Plane of Hate Farming Guide

Plane of Hate is a good plat farming zone, especially for free to play players. The reason for this is that f2p players won’t be able to use the trading system in the Bazaar so you are going to want to farm mobs that drop a lot of plat and a lot of vendor trash. This is still a great zone for anyone who wants some extra plat though. Plane of Hate was originally a raid zone but the mobs here are real easy to kill and have low hp, so you should probably be able to start farming plat here at around level 65+. read more

Everquest 2 Everquest Platinum Guides

Solusek’s Eye Plat Farming Guide

Solusek’s Eye or Sol A used to be a very popular zone back in the day. It is still a good zone to level in your 30’s but mostly the zone is deserted. If you are level 50 + with a mercenary you can make some quick plat here. In a short hour here you can easily acquire gear worth a few thousand plat. The goblins themselves drop up to 3 plat.

The goblins here don’t hit very hard and have low hp so what you want to do it go in and make your way around the zone. Once you have a bunch of goblins on you, kill all of them (having a mercenary makes this faster). Do this until your inventory is full. Now you could either choose to save items that stack and that you can sell to a vendor if you need quick plat. Make sure to delete all low value items, especially the ones that don’t stack. The second way is to just save all the defiant gear, an hour or so here should provide you with 30 + pieces of defiant gear that some players will pay some plat for to use on their alts. Now defiant gear might sell fast, or it might sell slow depending on your server. I have 2 traders up at all times so i like to have some defiant gear for sale at all times. The Defiant Pieces will sell for anything from 20 to 500 plat, so for 30 or so pieces you might make 3000 plat +, but if it takes you a long time to sell it is probably not worth it. If it sell quickly though this is the best way to make money here. It is also a good place to go if you want gear for your new alt. read more

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Everquest Bazaar Reselling Guide

Everquest Bazaar Reselling Guide

How to make millions of Platinum in Everquest

Updated platinum guide 2012 Veil of Alaris


The Bazaar zone was introduced to Everquest with the Shadows of Luclin expansion and it provides a hub for players to buy and sell items from other players. Everquest does not currently have a auction house like most other Mmorpgs have where players can actually sell their items without being logged in to the game. This can actually be an advantage when it comes to making platinum in Everquest as players will often undercut the standard prices if they don’t want to spend too much time standing around to sell their items. read more