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City of Mist Plat Farming Guide

The City of Mist is a dungeon located in the Emerald Jungle on Kunark. It’s a east zone to farm for a lot of plat at level 65 + or so. And it is a great zone for F2P (Free 2 Play) Players as you get a lot of plat and vendor trash here. You can of course make decent plat here while leveling, but if your only goal is to make plat i would suggest that you are high enough level for mobs to be greyed out. 70 or so is optimal. Since it’s a Kunark zone, the mobs here have very low health. At higher levels you can AoE packs of mobs here and make even more plat.

Most mobs here drop around 3 – 10 plat each. And you will be getting a lot of Defiant gear here that you can sell for quite a lot in the Bazaar (if you are a gold member), Defiant gear sell for up to 300 -400 plat on my server. The vendor trash will also sell to vendors for up to a few hundred plat each, like Diamonds and such sell for 200 plat so save all gems that you get.

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