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Crypt of the Ancients (CotA) Solo Farming 1 – 60 in 5 hours

Crypt of the Ancients

Crypt of the Ancients has since the release of Diablo 3 been a very popular farming spot, and it is still one of the best quick leveling locations in the game. With some decent gear and gems you can level up an ALT here in about 5 hours. For your first character it won’t be as effective since you probably won’t have much gold for gear or gems available.

Before you start :

1: Be sure to be crafting level 10 or above and have some gold available. You don’t need amazing equipment but socketed weapons and helmet is a plus. Check the vendors in town for gear or make it yourself with crafting.

2: Send gems from your main character to your leveling character. Generally you want a Ruby (XP) for your helmet and a Amethyst (Life on Hit) for your weapons.

When you are ready make your way to the Broken Blade quest in Act 1 and get to the Crypt of the Ancients.  I usually do it on Master but choose whatever difficulty you are comfortable with. Don’t pick up the orb in here. Just AOE everything here. I usually skip the Elite mob as he takes too much time. Once you have killed all or most of the mobs in the zone, port back to town and leave the game. Re-enter and use the port to get back to CotA which will be filled with mobs again. Do it all over.  I can usually do a level in a couple of minutes all the way to 60.

If anything is unclear watch the video below.

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