DDO F2P (Free to Play) Leveling Guide

For the fastest, most efficient leveling in DDO, a paying subscription is needed. But it is fully possible to level to level 20 on doing F2P content. You are going to have to be smart though, because you will probably run out of quests and content at some point. Leveling a TR (True reincarnation) Character on a F2P account to level 20 will be even harder, if not even impossible. You will also at some point have to run some dungeons with big XP penalties and leveling will get slow. This guide will show you what quests are available to you F2P, you should do all of them on each difficulty at least once. Not only for Xp but for favor.

Favor and Turbine Points

By doing dungeons you gain favor that you can get Turbine Points from. Turbine Points are used in the DDO store. Turbine Points can be spent on adventure packs which will unlock more content that you can use to level.

The chart below shows how many turbine points you earn when gaining favor. These can be done once on each server.

Favor Tier – Turbine Points
5 – 50
25 – 25
50 – 25
500 – 50
1000 – 100
2000 – 100
3000 – 100

Every character you have will also be given 25 Turbine Points for every 100 favor they earn.

With the around 100 F2P quests in game you can earn thousands of Turbine Points this way, that you can in turn use for Adventure Packs. When you get more Adventure Packs you can in turn gain more favor and turbine points.

Buying atleast a couple of Adventure Packs is vital to leveling to level 20.

Gianthold, The Vale and Reavers Refuge are good Packs to start with.

Wilderness Farming

Should you run out of quests to do. You have the option to go to various wildernesses and grinding there for XP. The XP isn’t optimal and leveling might be slow, but it will do in a pinch.

List of F2P Quests

This is a list of available F2P Quests. As you can see, there are quite a few in the lower levels, but it narrows down quite a bit as you go. These might not all be soloable, so getting a group is more vital to a F2P player than someone with a subscription.

LEVEL 1 Quests
The Store House’s Secret – Korthos Village from Linus Weir
Stopping the Sahuagin – Korthos Village from Gunnar Bauerson
Sacrifices – Korthos Village from Viggie Stor
Redemption – Korthos Village from Ursa Jernsvard
Necromancer’s Doom – Korthos Village from Handsome Wilm,
Heyton’s Rest – Korthos Village from Kaja Bauerdatter,
The Collaborator – Korthos Village from Sigmund Bauerson,
The Cannith Crystal – Korthos Village from Balder the Bold,

LEVEL 2 Quests
Walk the Butcher’s Path – Harbor from Mistress Ahura,
The Sunken Sewer – Marketplace, from Aurla Courson,
Stop Hazadill’s Shipment – Harbor from Baudry Catamon,
Stealthy Repossession – Harbor from Lesto Half-Price,
The Smuggler’s Warehouse – Harbor from  Fistpat the Fence,
Retrieve the Stolen Goods – Harbor from Baudry Cartamon,
Recovering the Lost Tome – Harbor from Dalsamira Courdry,
Protect Baudry’s Interests – Harbor from Baudry Cartamon,
Missing in Action – Marketplace, from Ulcana Braddock,
Misery’s Peak – Korthos Village from Amalgam,
The Miller’s Debt Harbor from Berrigan Enge,
The Kobold’s New Ringleader – Harbor from Guard Jung,
Information is Key – Harbor from Shir Clowenks d’Phiarlan,
Garrison’s Missing Pack – Harbor, from Garrison Felmar,
Durk’s Got a Secret – Harbor, from Durk the Deranged,
Defend Haverdasher  – from Harbor, Kalimnal d’Kundarak,
Bringing the Light – Harbor from Brother Augustus,
Arachnophobia – Harbor from Berne Jorn,

LEVEL 3 Quests
Where There’s Smoke… – Cerulean Hills from Nash Braza,
The Swiped Signet – Marketplace from Grinwhite,
Redfang The Unruled – Marketplace from Basil Tallbarrow,
The Kobold’s Den: Clan Gnashtooth – Waterworks from Guard Tember,
The Kobold’s Den: Rescuing Arlos – Waterworks from Guard Tember,
Kobold Assault – Harbor from Guard Crichton
Home Sweet Sewer – Harbor from Scrag,
The Captives – Harbor from Pearl Drummling,
An Explosive Situation Harbor from Philver Sharpwood,
Ven’s Trail: Ven’s Fate – Waterworks
Ven’s Trail: Clan Tunnelworm – Waterworks from Guard Tember,

LEVEL 4 Quests
Rest for the Restless – House Phiarlan from Lady Nepenthe,
Proof is in the Poison – Marketplace from Ruat Acalay,
Irestone Inlet – Harbor from Niles Cage,
Freshen the Air – Marketplace from Harven Gralak
The Depths of Despair – House Deneith from  Neville Stormhammer
The Depths of Darkness – House Deneith from Giggs Elorreathi

LEVEL 5 Quests
The Lair of Summoning – House Kundarak from Lorridan Silvermantle,
The Depths of Doom – House Deneith from Keane d’Deneith,
The Depths of Discord – House Deneith from Scholes of Vedykar,
The Chamber of Insanity – House Kundarak from Kranig Stoneshield,
Archer Point Defense – Marketplace from Jasper Cruikshank,

LEVEL 6 Quests
Taming the Flames – House Kundarak From Master Thorpe,
Ruined Halls – House Kundarak from Edvag Goodgold,
Redwillow’s Ruins – House Jorasco from Jandul d’Jorasco,
Purge the Heretics – House Phiarlan from Inquisitor Gnomon,
Mirra’s Sleepless Nights – House Jorasco from Mirra Parthilcar,
Gladewatch Outpost Defense – Marketplace from Loghan d’Deneith,
The Forgotten Caverns – House Kundarak from Thurd Steelhand,
Dead Predators – House Jorasco from Acolyte Hestair,
Caged Trolls – House Phiarlan from Aratrix d’Phiarlan,
The Bounty Hunter – House Deneith from Kirstana of Fairhaven,
LEVEL 7 Quests
The Tear of Dhakaan – House Phiarlan from Kamat Thaar,
The Pit – House Deneith from Vargus d’Deneith,
Gwylan’s Stand – House Phiarlan from Coraly d’Phiarlan,
The Graverobber – House Jorasco from Thaddeus d’Jorasco,

LEVEL 8 Quests
The Xorian Cipher – House Jorasco, Gatekeeper Chullash,
Stromvauld’s Mine – House Deneith (Anvilfire Inn), Laird Stromvauld,
Stormcleave Outpost – House Deneith (Anvilfire Inn), Alciana d’Deneith,
The Paths of Madness – House Jorasco, Gatekeeper Chullash,
Haunted Library – House Jorasco (Drowning Sorrows Tavern), Menos Xuekaine,
Faithful Departed – House Phiarlan (Golden Wing Inn), Avanti Moonwillow,
Caverns of Korromar – House Kundarak, Ulfgar d’Kundarak,

LEVEL 9 Quests
The Church and the Cult – House Phiarlan from Inquisitor Lightbringer,

LEVEL 10 Quests
Tempest’s Spine Raid – House Jorasco from  Cyrese Embree,
Sykros’ Jewel – Ataraxia’s Haven from Sykros,
Reclamation – Ataraxia’s Haven from Leros Levithas
LEVEL 11 Quests
The Spawn of Whisperdoom – House Phiarlan from Eriephaus d’Phiarlan,
Made to Order – House Kundarak from Hazra d’Kundarak,
The Enemy Within – House Jorasco from Anabele d’Jorasco,
Dreams of Insanity – House Jorasco from Gatekeeper Trakash,

LEVEL 12 Quests
Invaders! – Harbor from Guard Branson,
A Relic of Sovereign Past – House Kundarak  from Sir Kinze MacDunnam,

LEVEL 13 Quests
Mired in Kobold from  Smiley Smythe,

LEVEL 15 Quests
Acid Writ from Magus Littleton,
Delirium from Merla Bauerdatter,

LEVEL 18 Quests
In the Demons Den from Uriel,

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