DDO Leveling Guide : 1-5

Levels 1-5


When you first enter the game with you new character, just follow the tutorial. You will be lead through a dungeon to learn the basics of the game.

Intro Tutorial Video:

When you exit you will be on Korthos, this area should be skipped unless you are playing on a f2p account as the quests in Stormreach offers better experience. Talk to Valeria Sinderwind on the docs to leave Korthos.

In Stormreach proceed up the stairs from the docks and find Groodug Meathands next to the Auctioneer and the mailboxes. Purchase a level 1 hireling, any class will do at this point but i always prefer the Cleric. If you don’t have enough money, just skip this step and come back when you do.

Information is Key

Continue to the The Leaky Dingy and talk to Shir Clowenks d’Phiarlan and Accept the quest Information is Key.

Go back outside and find Osgood’s Basement.

Run through the instance as fast as possible.

Run the instance on:

Normal / Normal / Normal / Normal / Hard / Elite

Time per run : 5 Minutes

After about 3-4 runs you should be Level 2.

Tip:  The mobs at the end can be divided if pulled carefully so you only have to fight the smugglers first, and then you can deal with Shriketalon on his own.

Tip: If you don’t have Muckbane, have your Hireling deal with the Oozes or else they will destroy your weapons.

Information is Key Video:


Kobolds New Ringleader


Now you should be a few ranks into level 2. Go back to Groodug the Hireling vendor and get a level 2 Hireling.

Tip: Go to the Auctioneer and check for cheap reptilian bane weapons. These will help you out on the next 2 steps as you will mostly be fighting Kobolds.

Next go to Guard Jung and accept the quest The Kobolds’ New Ringleader. And enter Bonebite Hideout in the alley next to him.

Run the instance on:

Normal / Normal / Normal / Normal / Hard

Time per run: 4 Minutes

After about 4 runs you should be level 3, so go level up and grab a level 3 hireling before doing the hard and elite.

Tip: Do not destroy the crate marked 1 on the map below as you can use it to jump over the wall and skip half the instance!

Tip: This instance is filled with collectibles, some that may be worth quite a bit on the Auctioneer. So if you are low on cash be sure to get all the collectibles.




You should be about level 3 by now and you are ready to enter the waterworks. The Waterworks is 4 part quest series with some nice rewards at the end of the last one. Talk to Harbormaster  Zin to start the quest, enter the sewers next to him.

Make your way through the Waterworks and find Guard Tember. Talk to him and continue to the first part Clan Gnashtooth’s Lair.

At the end of the Instance you will find the Clan Gnashtooth Prison which is the next part, so head through.

Once finished, recall back out and talk to Guard Tember again. Then head to Clan Tunnelworm’s Lair.

Tip: Use recall when inside the main Waterworks area to save time instead of running back and forth.

At the end of Clan Tunnelworm’s Lair you will arrive at the Clan Tunnelworm Prison, so head on through.

When you finish return to Guard Tember for your Reward.

Run all the Instances on:

Normal / Normal / Normal  РHard and Elite Optional based on gear / skill.

Time per run: About 30 minutes.

You should now be level 4 and ready for the next part.


The Seal of Shan-to-Kor

It’s time to move on from the Harbor to the Marketplace. As soon as you enter talk to Draithon Aurelius to get your level 4 hireling.

Talk to Wayfinder Dael to get the quest.

The quest is very linear and the next part always continues from the previous one, so just blast through them on:

Normal / Normal / Normal / Normal

Time per run: About 30 minutes.

After about 4 runs through you should be level 5. You can still hit it a couple of times for still some decent XP or move on to Tangleroot Gorge.

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