DDO Leveling Guide : Intro

How to successfully solo your way through Dungeons and Dragons Online.

Level 1-5

Level 6-10

Level 11-15

Level 16-20



Looking for a guide to get you to maximum level in Dungeons and Dragons: Online quickly? Look no further. This guide was written to teach you how to level up as fast as possible, playing solo only. Since it’s a solo only guide, it will not take into any grouping and/or raiding aspects of the game. Everything from character creation and all the way up to level 25. I will not go into detail with every quest, but i will add a map with the quickest route for every instance along with a video on how to run it.  So let’s get on with the leveling.


Classes and Builds

All classes in DDO are able soloers but some demands more skill to solo well. For beginners one of the melee classes are advised for ease of play, but choosing a class should mostly be based on what class you like and want to play. In the character generator Fighters, Barbarians, Favored Souls, Artificers  and Rangers are classified as “Good” solo classes.  Paladins, Monks, and Clerics are classified as “Very Good”. While Sorcerers,  Wizards, Rogues and Bards are classified as Challenging.  These are mere guidelines and a challenging class might be better at soloing than a very good solo class, but more skill is needed to play the class.

A few points to take into consideration when creating a solo leveling character is:

  • How much will you be soloing? If you will do groups and raids later on, how easy / hard will it be to find a group with your class/build?

  • Self healing is important, but potions, wands, and hirelings can also be used for healing.

  • Hitpoints and toughness are important to stay alive while soloing.

  • Rouge skills such as picking locks and disarming traps are very useful to soloers so consider taking 1 or 2 rogue levels.

  • Multiclassing should not be done on a whim so do research on the ddo forums before multiclassing.

For more info on leveling builds visit the Official DDO Forums.



Items and Equipment


XP Potions: Experience potions can speed up the leveling process by a lot and can be bought through the DDO store. They come in 10%, 20% and 30% increased XP gain versions.

Muckbane: Oozes and slims will damage and destroy your weapons and gear VERY fast. However you can get a weapon called Muckbane in the harbor that won’t take damage from these mobs. A guide on how to acquire Muckbane can be found here : How to acquire Muckbane Guide

Lesser Bane:  As you fight a ton of kobolds and goblins in the start of the game, lesser goblinoid or reptilian bane weapons can be really useful while fighting these. A reptilian bane weapon can especially help you out while in the harbor.

Striding Items: This won’t drastically improve how fast you level up, but cheap items like Acrobat’s Ring give a 5% striding bonus meaning you move 5% faster. As you are constantly in DDO, even when fighting a lot of the time, these items can actually save you some time.

Gear Upgrades : Every couple of levels, check the auction house for upgrades. If you find decently prices upgrades go for it, otherwise just leave it as upgrades come pretty fast from doing quests in DDO.





Get new hirelings every time you level up, they really make a ton of difference. What type of hireling you get depends on you class / playstyle. I prefer to get a healer class if I’m for long / difficult instances, while for quick, easy runs I get a DPS class. Keeping a few different types in your inventory is always a good idea.


Leveling Tips


  • Conquest and Ransack bonuses are mostly a waste of time. It is better to finish a instance quickly, then move on to do it again or to a new one.

-Run quests on normal until experience starts to drop beneath an acceptable amount, then run it on hard once and then on elite once.

  • Sometimes, at lower levels it might pay off to not level up at once when you’ve got enough experience to do so. If a quest is more than 1 level below you, you will get an experience penalty so holding off leveling up might be smart in some cases. Especially if you are playing f2p as you won’t have so many quests to choose from.

  • In the beginning traps won’t do much harm so if you got enough HP just run straight through instead of disarming.

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