DDO Plat Guide : Kobolds’ New Ringleader

The Kobolds’ New Ringleader is a quest offered by guard Jung in the harbor.  After accepting the quest you will enter Bonebites hideout right in the alley next to guard Jung.  The quest is classified as long but it is rather quick, especially if you’re about level two.  Doing the quest on elite will give you the best rewards but any of the difficulty tiers will give you good rewards.

The reason why this quest is good for making money is because there are a lot of chests and most importantly a ton of collectible items that you can sell on the auction house

As you enter, start making your way through the dungeon, kill the goblins but skip destroying all the barrels.  Start by going left, in the far left room you will find a key and a collectible.  Continue making your way further into instance.  As you get further in there will be several random bugbear bosses, the spawn randomly see you might not get everyone every time, but each one of these bosses drop chests with loot that can be sold on the auction house or to NPC vendors.  A lot of the mobs in here will also drop treasure bags, so be sure to pick up all of these.

As you get even further in there will be a door that you can only open by pulling the levers that are found in each end of the hallway.  To the northeast there is a path of going off to a spider’s nest, skip this area as it contains no loot and little to no experience.

When you’ve opened the door, the path to the last boss is clear and you can make your way there.  He does a lot of damage to be careful, the hireling that can heal really help you out here.

When you kill him, take the stuff in his chest and use the recall button to return outside.  Talk to guard Jung to receive your reward.

This is what I got from one run through instance :

Vendor trash worth 300 plat

One elixir of lesser Mnemonic enhancement worth a couple 1000 Plat

Weapons and armor worth up to 5000 Plat

And collectibles worth 10,000 Plat. This really depends on how many rare collectables you get, so numbers will vary a lot.

That’s almost 20,000 Plat, not bad for 10 minutes of work.

  • José
    July 7, 2016

    This has evidently changed a lot since 2012. When I do this run now, it doesn’t give even a quarter of what you say.

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