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Diablo 3 : How to Kill / Farm Belail on Normal

Belail , the Lord of Lies is the last boss of Act 2 in Diablo 3. He can seem hard to beat at first, but once you know the tactic he will hardly do any damage to you and he can be farmed quickly. Once you get the hang of it you can get to him and kill him in about 7 minutes, making him a very desirable boss to farm. If you feel like getting some gear upgrades / levels before going on to act 1, farming Belial is a good idea. The whole quests awards you with about 12000 XP on normal.

Belial Strategy

1: Select the last quest of Act 2 “Lord of Lies” and enter the game.

2: Go straight as you enter, skip conversations by clicking space. Leah will open the locked gates for you.

3 : Make your way to the Imperial Palace, should only take a minute or two.

4: The first part of the Belial fight is pretty basic. After killing the first wave of mobs, Belial will come fight you. Kill him and the adds, when he gets low on health he will appear in his true form.

5: This part seems tricky at first but it’s actually real easy. He has 3 types of attacks, but they are all predictable and can be avoided.

  • The poison spray attack can be avoided by staying to the far right throughout the fight.

  • When he puts his arms in the ground, keep moving constantly. Move away from the green spots and you’ll be fine.

  • When he starts wailing around, trying to hit you, the area he is going to hit is also going to show as a green spot on the ground so just move away.

6: Attack him between his attacks until he’s dead. Click the Soul of Belial when he’s dead and you will be awarded 2325 XP.

7 : Port back to town and talk to Tyreal and get 8525 additional XP.

8: Repeat the quest as many times as you want / need.

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