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Diablo 3 Leveling Guide : Normal Act 3 Azmodan 20k XP

Azmodan is the last boss in act 3 in Diablo 3. Farming him provides great XP and can award you with some nice items and gold. This guide will cover how to farm him on normal for quick XP. The whole quest will give you around 20k XP for less than 5 minutes of work.

1: Choose Part 3 ” Kill Azmodan” of quest 7 “Heart of Sin” on Act 2 and start the game.

2: Go through the waypoint to “The Core of Arreat”

3 : Fight your way north to the “Heart of Sin”, there are usually quite a few mini bosses on the way there.

4: Azmodan is a pretty straight forward fight, avoid his attacks and just keep on attacking him.

5 : When he is dead, click the “Soul of Azmodan” and you’ll be rewarded with 12250 XP and 1240 gold.

6: Leave the game and repeat until you have reached the desired level.

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