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Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls – The Jar of Souls & The Matriarchs Bones Farming Guide

Jar of Souls

Both The Jar of Souls & The Matriarchs Bones are bounties and events located in the Defiled Crypt in Cemetery of the Forsaken. This guide will show you how you can farm the event on Torment VI with any gear. The difference between the event and the bounty is that the bounty also requires you to kill a number of mobs, something that many people will not be able to do on Torment VI. But completing the event only requires you to be able to outrun the mobs in the Defiled Crypt. When the Bounty is active though, the yellow arrow will point you in the direction of the correct Defiled Crypt. If it isn’t active, you will have to guess which one it is. Either the Matriarch’s Bones or the Jar of Souls will be in one of the crypts at any time. The easiest way to find out if you are in the right crypt fast, is to look at the halls and corners. The correct defiled crypt will always only have one way to go until you reach the event. The other crypts have intersections.

The Jar of Souls : Click the Jar of Souls once you get to it and skeletons will spawn. Move around the room in circles to avoid them. Avoid them for a minute and the click the Jar when the timer has gone down to zero. Pick up what loot you can before you die.

The Matriarch’s Bones : Once you get to Lady Dunhyld, talk to her. Now quickly run and click the 3 urns and then the tomb in the back of the room. Wait and then loot the loot that comes out of the tomb.

Each Bounty will give you about 15 million XP on Torment VI.

If you are unsure about anything, check out the video below or leave a comment.

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