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Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls – The Miser’s Will Farming Guide

The Miser’s Will Farming

The Miser’s Will is one of the easiest bounties to do in RoS. You can do it with any gear at Torment VI as long as you can outrun the mobs in Westmarch Commons and get into the Miser’s Hovel. The rewards for the quest on Torment VI are pretty good as you get around 20 Million XP and a good chance at some cool loot. The bounty is pretty rare though and it seems to have been nerfed. In my last 20-30 logins I have only seen it active once. If you are farming other Torment VI bounties like Miner’s Gold or Scavenged Scabbard it is well worth it to look for this bounty as well.

If you see that the bounty is active in Westmarch Commons, head over there. Sometimes you can get very lucky and the house will be right next to where you enter. Other times you have to run a bit until the yellow arrow shows you where to go.

Once you are in the Miser’s Hovel, quickly click one chest. If it is the right chest you will get XP and you can pick up the loot. If it is the wrong one, mobs will spawn, quickly click the other chests to get XP and loot.

If you are unsure about anything, check out the video below or leave a comment.

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