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Everquest 2 AA Leveling Guide : Clefts of Rujark 0-320 AA

Clefts of Rujark is one of the best places to grind AA’s in EQ2, if not the best. During a double XP weekend you can get a whole AA in a single pull, I’ve gained a AA there in less than a minute. You won’t be getting a AA a minute contstantly, but atleast an AA every 5 minutes during a XP weekend. This makes it very possible to grind out 320 AA’s during a weekend or even in a day if you play for a good few hours straight.

Before you start you should read the Everquest 2 Guide to Bonus Experience and try to have as many of these bonuses as possible active. On the video guide below i have veteran bonus, full vitality, xp potions and it’s during a double XP weekend.

When you are ready, chrono down to level 55 and head over to the Sinking Sands and then to the Clefts of Rujark. The first floor is solo mobs only so go over to the lift and take it to the second floor (if you haven’t got the key, click the lift and accept the quest. The kill the overseer in the cave nearest the entrance to complete the quest)

The second floor is decent with group mobs and can be used if the third floor is heavily camped. There is also a instance here “The Vault of Dust” that you can run for additional AA.

Kill your way to the next lift and take it to the third floor (no quest needed).

The third floor is where it all happens. Pull as many mobs as you can handle (a lot at level 92) and kill everything. Move your way around the zone in circles. Once you are back where you arrived on the third floor, everything will have respawned. Do this until you have 320 AAs. On my Paladin this only took the better half of a day to achieve. Remember to also hit up the instance here “Scornfeater Roost” as it has a lot of nameds and mobs rewarding atleast 5 AA’s + for 5 minutes of work.

Video Guide:

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