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Everquest 2 : Best Solo Class

Nowadays most classes solo and level pretty well in EQ2, as the classes are mostly fairly well balanced. So any class can definitely solo just fine while leveling all the way up to level 95. But there are some classes that are faster, can take down harder mobs, and that can take down more mobs at a time. This will make you level up faster, but can also be used later to make tons of plat or acquire gear by yourself. A good solo class will be able to solo instances and raids one tier down from what they are, and this is one of the big money makers in the game.

There’s no way really to determine what class is definitely the best for soloing as it all depends on gear, skills and a bunch of factors. But there are a few that are ahead of the rest. Check out the list below to see a selection of the best solo classes.

1: Shadowknight

Everquest 2 Shadowknight Solo ClassShadowknights are soloing machines and can take down huge masses of mobs fast. This makes them very popular for powerleveling by mentoring down and pulling entire zones.  They can take a lot of damage, do both damage to single targets and have strong AOEs, and they have lifetaps to keep them alive. Only downside to a SK is that tanks are a bit more gear dependent than other classes.


2: Bruiser / Monk

Everquest 2 Monk solo classBruisers and Monk have amazing melee DPS as well as high avoidance making them pretty durable. They also get Feign death which is one of the biggest life savers for soloers. Other advantages are self buffs (haste), self heals and stuns /stifles.



3 : Inquisitor

Everquest 2 Inquisitor Solo ClassInquistors are great healers and they wears plate armor, this makes them extremely hard to kill as they have high mitigation and can heal. They don’t kill as fast as other solo classes but have more survivability and can usually can down harder bosses. Other advantages are decent dps, power taps, a stunbreaker and immunity to stifle. If you want to take down epic mobs the Inq might be the way to go.

Honorable mentions :

Paladin: Strong tank class, with high mit, good dps and heals.

Necromancer : Good spellcaster with lifetaps and a good pet. Can really take down some though mobs.

Mystic : Loads of wards and a good selection of spells make the Mystics decent soloers.

Warden : Wardens have decent survivability and DPS + some really good heals.

Swashbuckler / Brigand : Good avoidance and decent mitigation + Very good DPS. Having stealth is a major advantage as well when soloing.

This all being said, all the classes in Everquest 2 can solo so don’t pick your class only depending on which one is best at soloing. Pick a class that suits your playstyle.


Saturday 17th of October 2015

I think the Fury is a beast at soloing. Much better than the Warden. Even mores if you chose the master for your nuke spell. Speaking of Beast. The Beast Lord is great as well.