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Everquest 2 : Chelsith AA / Plat Farming

Chelsith is a level 80 zone of Jarsath Wastes. the entrance is underwater near the Danak Shipyards. The entrance looks like a big shell, follow the bubbles in the water and they will lead you there. The AA XP here is amazing, even after the nerf. And a good deal of plat can be made here. You can run the instance every 1 day 11 hours. Before you start be sure to check out : Everquest 2 Guide to Bonus Experience

During a double XP weekend, it is possible to get around 30 AA’s in less than an hour here. So on double XP weekends i run it as often as possible on all the my alts.

Plat here is also good. Any random mob have a good chance of dropping legendary chests. And there are a lot of bosses here that also drop good gear, a lot of it is also attuneable so you can sell it on the Broker. The gear usually sells for 1-3 Plat and usually sells fast.

The mobs here are around level 83 so you don’t need to mentor down to grind here, but i usually mentor down to level 85.

Once you are ready, head over to Jarsath Wastes and zone into Chelsith. The zone is a big circle, work your way east first, when you hit a big magical wall it is time to go west. Kill all the bosses along the way and most of the mobs, i usually jump in the water and kill all the mobs but sometimes i skip the mobs in the water. When you have killed all the bosses, the magical wall around the last boss will disappear. Kill all the mobs around him, then take him down. If this is done on a double XP weekend, you should have gained 20-3o AA’s by the end.


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