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Everquest 2 Guide to Bonus Experience

Everquest 2 has numerous ways to increase XP gain. These will help you level up much quicker by giving you a bonus to experience.

Here’s a list of all the available XP bonuses:

XP Potions ( Veteran Rewards):

Starting from when you’ve had your account for a week and up you will be rewarded Veteran rewards. Type /claim or go to Claim in the game menu to check what rewards are available to you. These Vet rewards usually award XP potions ranging from 55% to 110% increased XP Gain.

Vet reward XP


XP Potions (SOE Store):

From the SOE Store in game you can buy different kinds of XP potions. You can choose from 25%, 50% and 100% increased XP gain for 2 or 4 hours, costing from 300 SC to 1800SC.

SOE store xp potions

XP Potions (Legends of Norrath):

The Legends of Norrath card game available from the in game menu will reward you XP potions both from booster packs and for completing scenarios. Only the first series of cards (Oathbound) will reward these XP potions. They all last for one hour and will give 50% extra XP to either Combat, Achievement, or Tradeskill XP or all of the above. The scenarios available will also reward you with quite a few XP potions if completed.

XP potions LON

Vitality Bonus:

Every time you log out you will gain a Adventure vitality bonus. While under the adventure vitality bonus you will gain double experience. You get 0,5% vitality an hour so getting full vitality takes about a week. Too see how much vitality you have simply mouse over the yellow circle at the end of your experience bar.

Adventure vitality bonus

Orb of Concentrated Memories (5 year veteran reward):

The 5th year veteran reward will give you an item called Orb of Concentrated Memories that will completely fill your vitality once a week.

Veteran Bonus:

You gain a 20% bonus to experience for every level 90 character on your account up to 200%.

Bonus XP Events:

Every now and then SOE will host bonus experience events, where you will gain double experience usually for one weekend. This is a very good time to level and combine with other experience bonuses.

RAF (disabled):

Recruit a friend was a service where you could send invites to your friends and gain bonuses and advantages while playing with them. So you could invite yourself and get these advantages as well. One of these bonuses was triple XP gain. This function is now disabled, but SOE have said that it will probably come back at some point.

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