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Everquest 2 Leveling Guide : 58 – 65 Kingdom of Sky

Tenebrous Tangle

At around level 55 – 57 you should move on to the Kingdom of Sky zones. These zones are fairly small and you can travel on little clouds, so getting all over the zones goes fast. Leveling here is a piece of cake compared to a lot of other zones, there are tons of easy, fast quests that will level you up to level 65 in no time.

The first zone is the Tenebrous Tangle. This zone is especially good, because of all the repeatable quests in and around the mail island that you start on. These quests give awesome XP and can be repeated a set amount of times. The quests in Tenebrous Tangle should take you to at least level 60 before you move on to Barren Sky.

Begin with doing all the quests on the main island that you start on. Then work your way through the other islands using the cloud stations to travel. Most of the other Islands don’t have very many quests.

The map below shows the different quest givers and in approximately what order they should be done. All the islands marked C can be visited and done in any order. Just make sure to visit all the islands and do the quests there.:

Tenebrous Tangle Leveling Map

Below is a list of the quests you should do while in Tenebrous Tangle

Grumglub (A)

  1. A Meeting With Grumglub (56
  2. The Basket Quests from baskets on the ground.. Repeatable a set amount of times, Great XP.
    • A Basket Full of Serpents (56)
    • A Basket Full of Tangleflies (56)
    • A Basket Full of Tasty Lettuce (56)
    • A Basket Full of Yellow Jackets (56)

Cloud Mount (A)

Speak to Bilgeron Cogsworth IV at the Temple Grounds to start.

  1. Cogs on the Droags (57)
  2. To the Isle of Fear (59)
  3. An Eye on the Clue (60)
  4. The Bees Sees (61)
  5. Picking Up the Broken Pieces (62)
  6. Follow the Bot (62)
  7. To the Barren Sky (63)

Hidden Refuge (B)

Almost all the quests here are repeatable a set amount of times. Amazing and quick XP!

  • In the Name of Marr (60)

Restocking the War Chests

Speak to Armorer Gunbog

  • Restocking the Supplies: Blockers (57)
  • Restocking the Supplies: Cutters (57)
  • Restocking the Supplies: Pounders (57)

Restocking the Humidors

Speak to Surgeon Kweezil

  • Restocking the Supplies: Rodcet Aloe (59)
  • Restocking the Supplies: Life Root (59)
  • Restocking the Supplies: Toxxilac (59)

Expedition for Draconic Artifacts

Speak to Archaeologian Tydis

  • Expedition for Draconic Bones (60)
  • Expedition for Draconic Eggs (60)
  • Expedition for Draconic Idols (60)

Other Quests (C)

  • The Tenebrous Tangle Creature Cataloging

Pip Fuzzletwig at The Temple Grounds

  • Pip Fuzzletwig, Explorer (58)
  • Pip Fuzzletwig, Storm Chaser (57)

Xaldrian Resh at Fear Tainted Isle

  • Ankle Biters (59)

Bingles Multicrank at Gazer Isle

  1. Witch One? (60)
  2. Lenses as Far as the Eye Can See (60)

Namojix Ajende at the Vultak Scavenging Site

  • Clearing a Path (60)

Cobbzig Fudwinkle at Bixie Isle

  • Honey, I’m Home!! (61)

Raxi Ananta at the Vicious Breeding Grounds

  1. Culling the Wyrm Population (61)
  2. Culling the Drake Population (61)

Kalz Spikewing at the Vicious Breeding Grounds

  • Quelling the Midnight Snackers (61)


Barren Sky

After finishing up in Tenebrous Tangle you should be around level 60 +. You can now move on to Barren Sky. This zone is similar in term of travel but have even more islands to visit. It works pretty much the same, so just start by doing all the quests on the first island then work your way around to all the others.

The map below shows the different quest givers and in approximately what order they should be done

Barren Sky Leveling Map

Below is a list of the quests you should do while in Barren Sky.

Isle of Desolation (A)

Hooluk Series from Elder Cloudsight

  1. [63] Assisting the Hooluk
  2. [64] Serving the Land
  3. [65] Chirok Starwhisper
  4. [65] Harun Clearsky of the Hooluk High Guard
  5. [66] To Discord Isle
  6. [66] Disturbing Blackwind
  7. [67] Ahnha Leeshadow
  8. [67] The Inhabitants of Cloudmist Isle
  9. [67] Taer Felwind
  10. [67] Necessary Sub-Components
  11. [68] Reunion
  12. [68] A Devious Plan
  13. [70] Culture of the Aviaks
  14. [70] Might of the Aviaks

Cloudpuff Series from Constance Cloudpuff

  1. [65] A Desperate Situation
  2. [65] And So It Begins
  3. [65] Retracing Her Steps
  4. [65] Beauty Is In The… Eh You Know The Rest
  5. [62] Is it Vortexes, Vortices, or Vortexti?
  6. [65] Not Suspicious At All
  7. [62] The Devil is in the Details
  8. [65] Dem Bones, Dem Bones Gonna Walk Aroun’
  9. [65] Boney Revelations
  10. [65] Wings N’ Things
  11. [65] To Catch The Sky

Frigui Togginscog

Flitter Feathertoe

  • [63] Toys to Play With

Nerdar’s Steam Bot

  • [65] Scattered L.O.S.T. Papers

Whisperwind Isle (B)

Duf’hee Stormtalon

  • [65] Seeking a Hiding Feather

Penny Dreadful

  1. [62] Emergency Floozlegigs
  2. [63] Spare Change?
  3. [64] Water Water Everywhere
  4. [64] A Feather for Your Thoughts

Minnikin Folnor

  • [65] A Misty Missing Key


  • [60] Words of a Feather
  • [60] Lore and Legend: Aviak

Strifewind Isle (C)

Fonwick Lumkin

  • [63] In A Pile Of Rubbish

Isle of Aversion (D)

Murbert Fontwiss

  • [65] A Noseful of Dryeyes

Isle of Discord (E)

Puddin Tain

  • [65] A Papango on the Wing


Alternate Zones:

Loping Planes


The Bonemire

The Bonemire is the last zone in the Kingdoms of Sky. Much like the last two zones, it is a series of islands you can travel between on clouds.  Start on the main island and work your way around and complete the quests on all the islands. The Bonemire should take you to at least level 65.

The map below shows the different quest givers and in approximately what order they should be done

Bonemire Leveling Map

Below is a list of the quests you should do while in the Bonemire.

Shattered Weir (A)

Zastik Togginscog

Bigsly Spindlewop

  1. Blazing Spindles(66)
  2. Crystalology(66)

Minxy Fonwiggle

  1. Breaking Through the Weir(66)
  2. Report to Drednever(66)

Pin Swishtick

  • Geologic Studies(66)

Drednever Crash Site (B)

Brock Shrillburst

  1. Find Gingus (66)

Elly Nerwick

  1. A Poisoned Gingus (65)
  2. A Cured Gingus (65)

Captain Dabner Drednever

  1. Fetid Harvest (66)
  2. Insectsurrection (67)

Weneb Tacklenogg

  1. Bonemire Creature Study (66)
  2. All for Good Research (66)
  3. Thorny Desires (67)

Vegnit Snogwit

  1. A Quick Task to Help(67)
  2. The Hunt for Friendship (67)
  3. Quick Retrieval(66)
  4. Deliver to Nepther’tum (67)
  5. Report to Deegli Bubbowus (67)
  6. Report to Jimtun Rubbleyew (68)
  7. Report to Deebs Beaklut (69)
  8. Report to Hanny Puddlezap (70)


  1. Doomwing Digging (66)
  2. The Taloned Vigil Infiltrators (65)

Cacotoxic Stain (C)

Aetryol Monsoon

  1. Information from the Droag (67)
  2. Further Research
    • Colony (67)
    • The Flame of the Corpse Candles (67)

Deebs Beaklut

  1. Blackscale Push (70)
  2. Speak with Gophy Pebblenub (70)
  3. Remove the Blackscale Threat (70)
  4. Speak to Vegnit Snogwit (70)

Gophy Pebblenub

  1. Pores and Candles (70)
  2. Return to Deebs (70)

Snoz Cranklekug

  1. Airship Parts on the Stain (68)

Halls of Fate (D)

Alkfoz Puddlezap

  • Another Drednever Recovery(68)

Hogpin Fubberfin

  • Hunger for Muck(68)

Deegli Bubbowus

  1. Stop the Enclave(68)
  2. Striking the Legions Army (68)
  3. Stopping the Excavation (68)
  4. Go Back to Vegnit (68)

Isle of the Ravasect (E)

Bomkin Flickernuk

  1. Bomkins Request (70)
  2. Swarming Requests (70)
  3. Sticky Requests (69)

Jimtun Rubbleyew

  1. Scouting for the Scout (70)
  2. The Humator Hive (70)
  3. Kill the Harridan (70)
  4. Ravasect Isle Status Report (69)

Wedgly Hammertik

  1. The Missing Goods (67)

Carrion Briar (F)

Hanny Puddlezap

  1. Soul Feasting (70)
  2. Carrion Status Report (70)

Pipsy Knoggleruf

  1. Parts on the Briar (70)

Nimni Gobbledot

  1. Essences of the Plagued Island (70)


  • Lore and Legend: Ravasect (67)


Alternate Zones:

Loping Planes

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