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Everquest 2 Leveling Guide: Intro

Looking to level quicker in Everquest? Well look no further, this is a guide to the quickest and best leveling in Everquest 2. From level 1 all the way to 95!

Before you start you might want to check out “Everquest 2 Guide to Bonus Experience

A few points to keep in mind before you start leveling:

Veteran rewards: Be sure to claim all veteran rewards and other items you can /claim. These items will help you level a lot faster.

AA Specs: Do research and find out what leveling AA spec works best for your class. EQ2Flames is a good place to start.

Level Locking: When you start to outlevel a zone it is wise to go into the AA menu and slide the slider to 100%, so that you won’t outlevel the zone, and rather get the rest of the XP in that zone into AAXP instead.

Mercs: Mercenaries are powerful NPC’s that you can hire and will help you fight. These will make leveling a lot faster, i usually pick one up at around level 20 as they arent really needed before that.

Mounts: Mounts will help you travel faster and therefor make you level faster. Mounts can be bought in-game, through the SOE store, gotten through the Legends of Norrath game, or through quests. The starting areas end’s in quests that will give you your first mount.

In-game map: The in-game map in Eq2 will help you a lot as you travel through Norrath. It will even tell you where to go when questing. All you active quests will show as blue spots on the map and if you hover the mouse over it will tell you what you need to do in that area to complete the quest. All zones arent available in-game but you can download EQ2MAP and it will add maps to all the zones.


For the first 20 levels and about 20 AA’s you should stay in the starting areas. Frostfang Sea is generally faster for good players, and Darklight Woods is generally faster for evil players.

Level 1-20 Darklight Wood

Level 1-20 Frostfang Sea

Level 1-20 Greater Faydark

Level 1-20 Timorous Deep

Level 21-32 Butcherblock Mountains

Level 33-42 Steamfont Mountains

Level 43-52 Lavastorm

Level 52-57 Sinking Sands

Level 58-65 Kingdom of Sky (Tenebrous Tangle – Barren Sky – Bonemire)

Level 66-77  Rise of Kunark (Kylong Plains – Fens of Nathsar – Kunzar Jungle – Jarsath Wastes)

Level 78-85 Sentinel’s Fate (Sundered Frontier – Stonebrunt Highlands)

Level 86-92 Destiny of Velious (Great Divide – Eastern Wastes – Withered Lands)

Level 93-95 (Coming Soon)




  • Reply
    john doe
    Jul 04, 2012

    oh my, what a shame…
    “this is a guide to the quickest and best leveling in Everquest 2. From level 1 all the way to 92!” lol
    nothing but an index that doesn’t link but to the starter zones…

    • Reply
      Oct 09, 2012

      The rest of the guide is being added this week. So you can level all the way to level 95 with this guide!

  • Reply
    May 14, 2013

    Is 92-95 ever going to get added on?  Just curious..

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