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Everquest Bazaar Reselling Guide

Everquest Bazaar Reselling Guide

How to make millions of Platinum in Everquest

Updated platinum guide 2012 Veil of Alaris


The Bazaar zone was introduced to Everquest with the Shadows of Luclin expansion and it provides a hub for players to buy and sell items from other players. Everquest does not currently have a auction house like most other Mmorpgs have where players can actually sell their items without being logged in to the game. This can actually be an advantage when it comes to making platinum in Everquest as players will often undercut the standard prices if they don’t want to spend too much time standing around to sell their items.

The Bazaar is the best and easiest way to making platinum in Everquest, this is done by reselling and in this guide i will tell you how to do it. Using this method i have started on new servers several times and within a week i usually have saved up hundreds of thousands of platinum.

Part 1: Setting up your Bazaar Seller

For optimal results you should have a designated character that’s only used for standing in the bazaar. This will save a lot of traveling time, as you won’t have to run to and from the bazaar with your other characters all the time. So instead fill the shared bank with bags or boxes with a lot of carrying capacity so you can easily transfer items you want to sell to your Bazaar character.

As you won’t be using this character for anything but making plat put all stat points into Charisma, and also get him items with high charisma. This won’t affect you much but it will make items you buy from vendors slightly cheaper, and a lot of the item’s you will potentially be selling will be from vendors (See Part 3: NPC Vendors for more information on this).

Race and Class is really up to you, but it might be a good idea to choose a race with high charisma like a high elf. Also any class with a run speed buff like a druid or a ranger is an advantage as you will be running around the Bazaar, The Plane of Knowledge and other places a lot. But as you need to level the character to get the run speed spells it is not really something you need to take into consideration if you just want to run your character to the Bazaar as soon as possible. Always remember to put as much points into charisma as possible at character creation.

Gear isn’t really important but here as well it’s a good idea to boost your charisma.  At least get your charisma to over 104 charisma to get the best prices, optimally you want over 170 charisma to get the best prices from all merchants.  It might be a good idea to get a couple of opal encrusted steins , these can be used in both the primary and secondary slots and will boost your charisma with 50 points if you get 2. These can be bought cheap at the Bazaar or made with pottery and are trivial at 32 skillpoints in pottery. If you want higher charisma simply do a bazaar search and buy some more gear. The defiant gear will boost all you stats including charisma, but don’t spend too much on gear early on.

When you’re ready head over to the Bazaar which can be reached through the Plane of Knowledge. Merchant Tekrama inside the bazaar will sell you 10 slot bags called Trader’s Satchels for about  1pp, which will allow you to sell items in the bazaar. To start trading, go through the red portal to the Hall of the red dragon. Stand on the trader platforms, and type /trader  to start selling what’s in your satchels (remember to set your prices first in the trader window). See the next chapter to learn how to fill your trader satchels.

Eq trader plat guide

Here is a picture of one of my traders with item worth over 1 million platinum. The Items was bought for less than 100k.

Part 2: Getting Started

To start selling you’re going to need something to sell. In the beginning you’re going to need to farm something in order to get something to sell. Here are some tips on what items you can farm to get you started:

Pelts – Medium and high quality pelts drop from most animals.

Spider/Spiderling Silk – Spiders drop silk that can be sold in the bazaar.

Ore – Ore drop from multiple mobs.

Farming Plat is pretty easy nowadays in Everquest so you can also just start leveling and platinum that you can use to start reselling will come your way.

Once you have a few thousand platinum (going to take a few hours of farming depending on level), you can go over to the bazaar to start reselling, alternatively go check vendors for valuables.

Tip: I have on occasions begged from higher level players to get the platinum I needed to start reselling, but this is not always recommended as it is often frowned upon.

Part 3: NPC Vendors

A good way to accumulate a stash of items to sell is to check vendors in Plane of Knowledge, the Guild Lobby, The Bazaar and other high population areas.  These vendors will often have spells, armor and items that will sell for a lot more in the bazaar. Finding out what is worth buying can be done in two ways. Either write down everything on the vendors that you think might be worth something, run back to the bazaar and check it and then go buy it if it’s worth more. The other easier way is to simply sign up for a free to play account and make a new character on that account that you use to run around from vendor to vendor while your “Bazaar” character stays and check the prices.

Part 4: Reselling

Now starts the fun part, making millions of platinum. Reselling is quite easy in Everquest as a lot of people isn’t interested in standing around in the bazaar and will sell stuff cheap. On multiple occasions I have done a bazaar search and found an item selling for 1000p that’s easily worth 10k platinum or even 50k platinum, and the finding out that the seller has bags full of under prices items.

Type in /Bazaar or just /baz to get the Bazaar window up. And use the filters to find the type of items you want to resell. I usually go for weapons and armor, but spells and tradeskill components are also good choices. Scroll down and look for items that are under priced. In the start you will know what items are under priced by looking other traders selling the same items for more plat, like on the example below.

Here are some examples of what a good reselling deal looks like:

Everquest plat guide

One seller is selling the Dagger of Rotting Flesh for thousands less than the others.

Everquest plat guide

This trader is selling the Massive Dragonclaw Shard for almost 20k less than the other one.

everquest bazaar guide

eq bazaar guide

eq plat guide

everquest plat bazaar

Everquest bazaar platinum

Sometimes when you find traders with exceptionally good deals you might want to check all their items and see if they might be clearing out all their stuff cheap. Example Below:

Everquest reselling guide

This Trader was selling all his gear for up to 10k less a piece than the other Traders.


After a while when you got a hang of reselling you will start know what the good deals are even if there aren’t anyone else selling the item.

When you have enough items, set up your type in /trader and set all the prices to the same as everyone else is selling them for or undercut if you want.

Some general tips for reselling:

  • Always have 100 items for sale and more in the bank! I always have my inventories full so generate the most sales and make the reselling fun. When you got enough plat, try to buy / farm enough items to have your traders inventory completely full and more in the bank so you can quickly restock when you sell something.
  • Multiple traders. Are you a multiboxer? Make a trader on several accounts if you have more than one. I have two gold accounts and keep fully stocked traders on both.
  • Don’t always undercut prices. Undercutting isn’t really the best way to go most of the time. In most cases other traders will start undercutting you even more if you undercut them, starting a undercutting war which will just result in you both getting paid less for your items.
  • Buying whole Inventories. A lot of players will not want to stand around in the bazaar for long periods of time. So some players might be interested in selling all their stuff for a good deal. Type something like “Don’t want to stand around in the bazaar all day? Sell all your gear to me. Send me a /tell with prices” in /auction or /general and you might get a few deals that will fill up your inventory quickly.
  • Leave your trader on. Always leave your trader on. When I’m not playing any of my other characters I always leave my trader(s) on so they can sell all day long.
  • More than one Lore Item

This is really all you need to know about reselling in the Bazaar. Good luck in making your millions of platinum in Everquest!

Edward Spader

Thursday 4th of October 2018

Dan, what server are you on?


Sunday 13th of January 2013

I think it's important to note that just because someone prices an item at 50k, doesn't mean someone is willing to buy it at 50k. The laws of economics still apply inside video game economies. So if you buy an item for 500pp and think to yourself "Well, the only one on the bazaar currently listed for sale is being sold for 50kpp, therefore I can sell mine for 49kpp" you might very well find yourself holding onto that item forever. In addition, what you might actually find is that very few people even want that item and of that small population of possible customers none are willing to pay over Xpp for it.

I find it interesting that guides like this attempt to help people by saying something like "if you want to know what something is worth, check out what people are currently asking for it in the market." You can ask whatever you want for an item, it doesn't mean that is what it's worth and it certainly doesn't mean that's what people are going to pay for it. This is basic economics.

Additionally, the bazaar is not a good measure of the bazaar. It's actually an incredibly foolish way to approach making money in the game. If you don't understand the rarity or utility of the items you are selling you are going to have a higher chance of pricing it incorrectly for the market. This is why the bazaar has a tendency to look like such a mess, because people read guides like this and think they are going to make money when in all reality all they end up doing is cluttering the bazaar with items that are priced inappropriately and will, therefore, never end up being sold. So they just sit there, priced incorrectly, for the next person who read this guide to come along and price their item at 48kpp.

Now some might say "Well then eventually you will hit equilibrium" and that is true, in a competitive market. But Everquest no longer has a truly competitive market. Almost no one plays this game anymore. Not to mention people don't keep their traders online 24/7, so while the market operates 24/7, sellers do not operate 24/7. So you might price an item at 50kpp, and some guy logs his 3 traders in 2 hours later and he has 40 of those items for 500pp each. Now that "deal" you got at 500pp isn't looking like a deal anymore. Turns out he's the guy that sells those and his power went out last night.

I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that guides like this are great in theory but actually cause more harm than good. If it's made you money, that's great and good for you, but it causes a greater harm by inappropriately allocating resources and cluttering the market with nonsense.


Wednesday 23rd of January 2013

You make some good points here. But 500pp isn't really a big investment at all. I probably find 10 deals like this a day in the Bazaar. 9 of them might not make me a lot of money, but it is enough that one does. The rest i could always sell for what i bought them for. Generally i do make a profit from most the items i buy, and even though not as many people play this game anymore i can still easily make 100k - 1000k plat a week doing this.