Everquest : Straight into The Hole

The latest Everquest double XP weekend just finished. Double XP is always awesome and i usually get very little sleep as i feel like i’m wasting valuable double XP time by doing so. So this time i decided to try to get as much out of the weekend as possible, XP wise. I headed to what i though was everyones favorite AA camp spot, the Hole. I expected to find the zone over camped, but the place was much to my surprise empty almost the whole weekend.

The Hole is widely known in the Everquest commuinty as being one of the best AA spots in the game. It’s an old zone on the continent of Odus. Since it’s such old content the mobs here are super squishy compared to their level and go down much faster than mobs of equal level from newer expansions. They also award you with awesome AAXP up to level 72 or so, even when it’s not a double xp even going on.

So i got my level 70 Ranger over to the Hole and moved him up to the temple. Using my Lesson of the Devoted (double XP veteran reward lasting 30 min) i managed to dish out about 50 AA’s in 30 minutes here. I also had a bunch of 50% XP potions laying around in the bank that i spent over the weekend. Playing the whole weekend through i managed to get 700 AA’s and 2 levels. Being level 72 with over 850 AA’s on a Ranger is definitely not bad. I expect the next levels will go pretty quickly.

During double XP events such as this, most players should be able to acquire atleast 30 – 50 AA’s an hour here in the Hole, making it maybe the best AA location in the game. I still park my toons here for 200-300 AA’s at around level 70 if there is no 2xAA event. So if you are looking for really awesome AAXP or regular XP i stronly suggest heading to the Hole during the next event.

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