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Hammer of the Ancients Build Patch 1.08

The Hammer of the Ancients build is one of the most powerful and popular build for Barbarians in patch 1.08. It is a relatively cheap spec and you can get decent gear for this spec for about 500 million gold. The spec relies heavily on Hammer of The Ancients with a good Skorne and high crit chance (80-90% crit). You will be criting constantly with the build. and your crits will be hitting for 1 – 2 million damage every hit.


Hammer of the Ancients Build for 1.08

hammer of the ancients build


This build is all about Hammer of the Ancients so that part is really a no brainer. You will want to go for Smash here. Hammer of the Ancients also has 1% extra crit for every 5 fury. So with around 120 Fury you will get a 24% increase in crit chance! This will get you to a total of 80 – 90% crit chance which is totally awesome.

You should also get Bash to get Fury back. Just use Bash a couple of times and you’ll be back at full fury.

Battle Rage with Into the Fray will increase damage, even more crit chance and it will generate Fury, which is all things you need!

Wrath of the Berserker with Insanity will also help your damage output a lot and give you higher crits.

Rend with Bloodlust for those situations where you need some health.

Overpower with Crushing Advance for those though situations.

Overpower and Rend is optional and you can switch them out if you want.

Weapon Master will also be useful paired with a Skorn (Axe) and you will gain 10% extra crit chance from this as well.

Ruthless will get you 5% extra crit chance and increase critical hit damage by 50%!

Unforgiving will also help with keeping your Fury.

Hammer of The Ancients Stats 1.08

The Stat you should be going for it obviously crit chance but below is a list of what stats to go for and how high they should be!

Critical Hit Chance : 60% unbuffed.

Critical Hit Damage : +480% +

Strength : Around 2700 – 3000

Damage Reduction : 65% +

Resists : 600 +

Life : 40000 +

Life Steal: 7% + meaning every crit will fill up your life.

Hammer of The Ancients Gear 1.08

The Hammer of the Ancients build is a lot cheaper to gear than any other equal builds, so this is perfect if you don’t have unlimited gold.

SkorneĀ Can be gotten quite cheap if you sacrifice a bit on the life steal.

Full Immortal King’s Set (No Boulder Breaker) This set is very important for this build. + 5Max Fury , 2 Fury Regen is important since the build depends so much on fury.

On other gear you should just look for good rare rings with high crit chance and crit damage. Also get vitality, strength, life steal and resist all. Armor isn’t that important because you will get it anyways from Strength

If you have any suggestions or questions about our Hammer of the Ancients build, feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you! If you need more tips for your build the Diablo 3 Barbarian Forums have tons of useful info.

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