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How to get Leoric’s Signet

Leoric’s Signet is one of the most valuable items in Diablo 3 and can be worth up to 100 million gold. And the crazy thing about it is that you can farm it on Normal! Before you start, get your magic find and movement speed up to as much as you can. Since this is normal, mobs will die super easy anyway so you won’t be relying on gear. So instead get gear that will help you farm quicker and get Leoric’s Signet quicker.

First go to the Black Soulstone quest in Act 2 and go to the Oasis. Make your way around and just slay all the elites. Go into the caves here since there are quite a few elites here as well. Once you have completed your run, just exit and resume and do it again. It will probably take a while to get Leoric’s Signet but once you get it it’s going to be worth it!

How to get Leoric's Signet







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