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Lumbridge Swamp Swamptar Farming (No Skill Required)


In this guide we are going to head over to Lumbridge Swamp and farm some swamptar. Swamptar is a stackable item, so it only takes up one inventory space. This is also a very good gold making method for low levels as you there is no skills required.

So once you are good to go, just head over to Lumbridge Swamp and start clicking the Swamptar to collect it. They are worth 247 gold each, and since they stack they don’t take up much inventory space. You can collect a lot of these in a short amount of time! So let’s say you pick up 100 of these (won’t take long at all), that’s 24k by doing nothing but picking up stuff.

If you really want to make Runescape gold (billions) I’d suggest you check out the guide below!


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