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Magic: Legends Battlepass Guide with Daily and Weekly Quests

Magic: Legends uses a Battle Pass (BP) system that run in 92-day seasons. Through playing the game and earning BP XP by completing Daily and Weekly Quests, you can advance through 50 levels of Battle Pass Rewards.

Currently, there is a UI bug where if you are logged in at the time of daily reset (10:00 UTC) then your Battlepass mission information won’t update.

There are three tiers of Battlepass:

  • Free-to-play
  • Premium (1000 Zen)
  • Premium Plus (2500 Zen, or 1500 Zen if purchasing the 11,000 Zen pack)

There are no Battlepass Reward differences between Premium and Premium Plus, only gaining 15 levels (15,000 BP XP) immediately.

While the game is in its early days, the data below is subject to change as new information, research, patches, and changes are released. If you see something that I’ve missed, misunderstood, or just completely gotten wrong, please let me know by leaving a comment at the bottom!

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Table of Contents

  1. Calculations on Battlepass XP
  2. Season 1 Battlepass
magic legends season 1 battlepass information screenshot

Maths and Mechanics of Battlepass XP

Each level of the Battlepass is 1,000 XP giving a total of 50,000 XP over the 92-day season for all 50 levels.

magic legends 92 day battlepass

With Daily Quest XP and Weekly Quest XP being set at 375 and 1600 respectively, we’re able to calculate how many days/weeks are required to complete all 50 levels of the Season 1 Battlepass.

There have been reports that the Weekly Quests do not expire, so it’s possible to complete all 13 Weekly Quests in the final week if you do join late. However, the Daily Quests do not follow this behaviour and are only kept for three days before expiring.

Maths time!

In a 92-day season, there are 13 completed weeks giving a possible total of 20,800 BP XP from Weekly Quests. Completing all 92 Daily Quests will give you 34,500 BP XP for a combined total of 56,900 BP XP.

With 6,900 BP XP in surplus, this is enough to miss 18 Daily Quests before being unable to reach level 50 as a non-Premium Plus Battlepass player.

Progress Check

Check what reward level you should expect to be at if you have been playing from Day 1.

Battlepass Level
23-MarTuesday91375 23502
24-MarWednesday90375 27252
25-MarThursday89375 31003
26-MarFriday88375 34753
27-MarSaturday87375 38503
28-MarSunday86375 42254
30-MarTuesday84375 65756
31-MarWednesday83375 69506
1-AprThursday82375 73257
2-AprFriday81375 77007
3-AprSaturday80375 80758
4-AprSunday79375 84508
6-AprTuesday77375 1080010
7-AprWednesday76375 1117511
8-AprThursday75375 1155011
9-AprFriday74375 1192511
10-AprSaturday73375 1230012
11-AprSunday72375 1267512
13-AprTuesday70375 1502515
14-AprWednesday69375 1540015
15-AprThursday68375 1577515
16-AprFriday67375 1615016
17-AprSaturday66375 1652516
18-AprSunday65375 1690016
20-AprTuesday63375 1925019
21-AprWednesday62375 1962519
22-AprThursday61375 2000020
23-AprFriday60375 2037520
24-AprSaturday59375 2075020
25-AprSunday58375 2112521
27-AprTuesday56375 2347523
28-AprWednesday55375 2385023
29-AprThursday54375 2422524
30-AprFriday53375 2460024
1-MaySaturday52375 2497524
2-MaySunday51375 2535025
4-MayTuesday49375 2770027
5-MayWednesday48375 2807528
6-MayThursday47375 2845028
7-MayFriday46375 2882528
8-MaySaturday45375 2920029
9-MaySunday44375 2957529
11-MayTuesday42375 3192531
12-MayWednesday41375 3230032
13-MayThursday40375 3267532
14-MayFriday39375 3305033
15-MaySaturday38375 3342533
16-MaySunday37375 3380033
18-MayTuesday35375 3615036
19-MayWednesday34375 3652536
20-MayThursday33375 3690036
21-MayFriday32375 3727537
22-MaySaturday31375 3765037
23-MaySunday30375 3802538
25-MayTuesday28375 4037540
26-MayWednesday27375 4075040
27-MayThursday26375 4112541
28-MayFriday25375 4150041
29-MaySaturday24375 4187541
30-MaySunday23375 4225042
1-JunTuesday21375 4460044
2-JunWednesday20375 4497544
3-JunThursday19375 4535045
4-JunFriday18375 4572545
5-JunSaturday17375 4610046
6-JunSunday16375 4647546
8-JunTuesday14375 4882548
9-JunWednesday13375 4920049
10-JunThursday12375 4957549
11-JunFriday11375 4995049
12-JunSaturday10375 5032550
13-JunSunday9375 5070050
15-JunTuesday7375 5305053
16-JunWednesday6375 5342553
17-JunThursday5375 5380053
18-JunFriday4375 5417554
19-JunSaturday3375 5455054
20-JunSunday2375 5492554

Season 1 Battlepass – 22/3/21 to 21/6/21

Weekly and Daily quests for the Season 1 Battlepass are being tracked in a community-based Google Doc found in the r/MagicLegends Reddit sidebar.

Through the tracking of the first three weeks, we have seen a trend develop in the Daily Quests, with Friday’s quest being altered in a patch on April 8th, 2021 to avoid the issue of Planar Mana caps.

The weekly schedule of Daily Battlepass Quests is as follows:

Monday0/1000 Earn Gold
Tuesday0/1000 Earn Unrefined Aether
Wednesday0/200 Defeat Enemies
Thursday0/3 Complete Overworld Skirmishes
Friday0/10 Defeat Champion or Elite Rank Enemies
Saturday0/1 Complete a Shattered Reliquary
Sunday0/3 Defeat 10 enemies within 2 seconds of each other

So far, we have not seen a repeating schedule of Weekly Battlepass Quests, with the following quests having already been:

Week beginningMission
22/03/20210/5 Complete Ordeals (magic legends ordeal icon guide tab in Guide Tab)
29/03/20210/5 Complete Story Missions (magic legends story icon guide tab in Guide Tab)
5/04/20210/20 Complete Overworld Skirmishes
12/04/20210/250 Defeat enemies while using your class Spark Power
19/04/20210/100 Cast Green or White Spells
26/04/20210/5 Defeat or damage enemies using “On Summon” creature abilities

Methods/Ideas for completing:

If you’re wondering how to complete some of these Battlepass Daily Quests, here are some tips for each day if you’re feeling a little stuck.


0/1000 Earn Gold

Simple enough, collecting 1000 Gold shouldn’t take very long. You can solo a Normal difficulty Ordeal or Story Mission for 500 Gold in <10 minutes, or just grind away in the Overworld for spell pages/other loot and accumulate this amount.


0/1000 Earn Unrefined Aether

Again, very easy to complete. Using Normal difficulty as an exampele, Ordeals reward 2000+ Unrefined Aether, Minor Skirmishes (incl. Mana Tower Assault) give 400, and Major Skirmishes (incl. Mana Tower Defense) give 750.


0/200 Defeat Enemies

Jumping between skirmishes in the Overworlds will surely hit this number within 20 minutes, or powering through an Ordeal like Against the Horde in Shiv will also push up a large number of defeated enemies.


0/3 Complete Overworld Skirmishes

Mana Towers do not count toward Overworld Skirmishes despite offering the same rewards as Minor/Major skirmishes. To count towards this daily, you must complete Minor/Major/Special Skirmishes as noted on the fast-travel map by single/double/triple sword icons.


0/10 Defeat Champion or Elite Rank Enemies

A Mana Tower Defense has eight (8) Champions and two (2) Elites, these can be plowed through in Normal difficulty with ease, taking less than 1 minute to complete.


0/1 Complete a Shattered Reliquary

Before being able to find a Shattered Reliquary portal, you must capture a Mana Tower (Mana Tower Assault activity). Capturing the Mana Tower triggered the Battlepass reward for me, however Mana Tower(s) are required to be held in order to activate the Reliquary Radar in the area of the map with the captured tower.


0/3 Defeat 10 enemies within 2 seconds of each other

Completing any Ordeal or Story Mission with a lot of enemy spawns such as Against the Horde in Shiv, or Overworld activities like Mana Tower Defense (if you turn up late to the event, many enemies have already spawned). Having some heavy-hitting AoE/Nukes in your deck will also help with this.

Battlepass Rewards – F2P and P2P

Having recorded all rewards from Levels 1-50, there are 28 unique rewards in the free-to-play Battlepass, and an additional 40 unique rewards in the Premium Pass.

Sorted by their frequency, then alphabetically, here are the rewards you can expect to see from the Season 1 Battlepass:

F2P Uniques (28)Count
Spell Page Pack10
Gold Chest7
Unrefined Aether Chest5
Small Spell Page Pack3
Small Gold Chest3
Common Relic Fragment Chest2
Enemy Rewards2
Mission Rewards (x3)2
Uncommon Relic Fragment Chest2
Academy Wizard – Savant Skin1
Dimir Assassin Class Pack1
Elven Merchant Boots (Costume Piece)1
Elven Merchant Wraps (Costume Piece)1
Emberlings – Shivan Skin1
Lightpiercer Angel – Penumbra Skin1
Nature’s Generosity (Trait Unlock)1
Spell Infusion: Abyssal Flame1
Spell Infusion: Academy Wizard1
Spell Infusion: Benalish Archers1
Spell Infusion: Char1
Spell Infusion: Flametongue Kavu1
Spell Infusion: Giant Growth1
Spell Infusion: Icicle1
Spell Infusion: Nema Siltlurker1
Spell Infusion: Phalanx Charge1
Spell Infusion: Scathe Zombies1
Sporecap Spider – Mossy Skin1
Voracious Thrull – Lasher Skin1

Premium Pass holders also receive these rewards in addition to the free-to-play Battlepass Rewards

P2P Uniques (40)Count
Chromatic Mana Pack6
Eternal Echoes Pack6
Refined Aether Chest6
Black Spell Page Pack5
Blue Spell Page Pack5
Green Spell Page Pack5
Red Spell Page Pack5
White Spell Page Pack5
Mythic Rare Relic Fragment Chest4
Gold Chest3
Rare Relic Fragment Chest3
Dimir Assassin Booster Pack2
Prismatic Spell Page Bundle2
Spell Page Pack1
Benalish Ceremonial Armor (Costume Set)1
Cabal Knight – Marauder Skin1
Corpsefiend – Grotesque Skin1
Elven Merchant Hat (Costume Piece)1
Elven Merchant Trappings (Costume Piece)1
Elvish Rejuvenator – Strider Skin1
Experimental Scorpion (Spell Unlock)1
Fiendslayer Paladin – Indomitable Skin1
Flametongue Kavu – Scorched Skin1
Galewing Griffin – Deniz Skin1
Izzet League Adept (Costume Set)1
Lorekeeper Sphinx – Mystic Skin1
Muse Drake – Nimbus Skin1
Nema Siltlurker – Dusky Skin1
Shivan Dragon – Raging Skin1
Spell Infusion: Annihilation1
Spell Infusion: Bathe in Dragonfire1
Spell Infusion: Cloak of Seeds1
Spell Infusion: Corpsefiend1
Spell Infusion: Divine Reclaimer1
Spell Infusion: Greenwarden1
Spell Infusion: Lorekeeper Sphinx1
Spell Infusion: Shivan Dragon1
Spell Infusion: Spell Storm1
Spell Infusion: Zealous Charge1
Teachings of Serra (Artifact Unlock)1

Here is a description for some of the more repetitive types of rewards:

Reward TypeDescription
Prismatic Spell Page PackOne of each color Spell Page Pack
<color> Spell Page PackGrants the following amount of spell pages, randomly distributed amongst spells of that color (or all spells in the case of ‘Spell Page Pack’) in your library: 720 Common, 600 Uncommon, 200-700 Rare, up to 280 Mythic
Small Spell Page PackGrants the following amount of spell pages, randomly distributed amongst spells of that color in your library: 720 Common, 300 Uncommon, 100-350 Rare, up to 140 Mythic
Spell Infusion: XGrants 600 spell pages for the X spell. Your must own the X spell to claim this item.
<rarity> Artifact Fragment ChestContains 1 Mythic, 18 Rare, 55 Uncommon, 180 Common Relic Fragments (with rarity of chest determining which type of Artifact Fragment you will receive)
Gold ChestContains 5000 Gold
Small Gold ChestContains 1800 Gold
Refined Aether ChestContains 6250 Refined Aether
Unrefined Aether ChestContains 12500 Unrefined Aether
Eternal Echo ChestContains 5 Eternal Echoes
Chromatic Mana ChestContains 36 Chromatic Mana
<creature> SkinContains the Skin for <creature>. Must own associated spell in order to claim.
<Costume Piece>Claiming this item will unlock the costume piece for all characters on your account available through the Tailor.
Small Spell Page PackGrants the following amount of spell pages, randomly distributed amongst spells of that color in your library: 720 Common, 300 Uncommon, 100-350 Rare, up to 140 Mythic

Battlepass Level Screenshots

If you’re wondering what the skin looks like or what the costume sets may look like, here are screenshots of every single Battlepass level as shown in-game.

Thanks for checking it out!

If you’ve found something that doesn’t quite line up with the data, or a correction on a blatant error, please leave a comment below to let me know!

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